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The games Ronaldo can miss for Juventus after his sendoff

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We tell you all about Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible sanction after getting sent-off during Juventus’ Champions League match against Valencia.

The images of a crying Cristiano Ronaldo have gone around the world by now, the Portuguese player was shocked by the decision of referee Felix Byrch to show him a red card after just 30 minutes of the game against Valencia. At first glance, there is no evidence that Cristiano Ronaldo did anything worthy of a red card against Colombian defender Murillo. However, the image that has been rolling around social media after the game in a closer take of the incident, does show the Portuguese forward actually pulling the hair of the Valencia defender and this is what prompted the linesman to tell Byrch how to proceed. The ref’s final statement talks about an aggression from Ronaldo to his rival and this is usually punished by three matches without any chance for an appeal, UEFA is well known for never giving any chances to take back their decision and Cristiano Ronaldo’s suspension could make him miss some very important matches for the Old Lady during this new edition of the Champions League group stage. But there are many different opinions on the matter that we need to consider in more detail, important figures in football have spoken about this possible ban Ronaldo may suffer.


First of all, we have to say that by law, UEFA states that a punishment by aggression during any match is punished with 3 or 4 matches. If referee Felix Byrch does confirm that Cristiano Ronaldo’s red card was due to a violent behavior against a rival, there is very little that Juventus will be able to do in order to appeal for this punishment. But if UEFA decides to ignore the plea, the Portuguese forward could miss up to four matches which include his highly anticipated return to Old Trafford where he was supposed to play against former club Manchester United. This game was arguably the biggest reason why Ronaldo was so excited for this new Champions League group stage with Juventus, because he would play against his former club and also his former manager Jose Mourinho. The only reason that UEFA would spare Ronaldo from a three or four match ban, is if they consider that the red card was too harsh on him after watching the replay of the incident several times and they make a decision in the Portuguese player’s favor. But UEFA’s history with these types of punishments has always been too strict.

The first authorized voice for Juventus who said his piece, was club legend Alessandro Del Piero who said this about Cristiano Ronaldo’s harsh red card: “It certainly wasn’t a foul worthy of a red card, maybe a yellow card would’ve been better to leave everything to rest. This type of foul is not as grave as it has been on other occasions in the past, Ronaldo’s sendoff is highly exaggerated,” said Del Piero. Legendary coach Fabio Capello was also in the conversation, he added that: “I heard Allegri worried about his defense and I saw him angry because his squad conceded too many goals. This serves as a warning, Juventus didn’t really impress me, they have been a little too superficial during the start of this season and they are not as solid as last season. I’m sure they are going to win many more matches because they are one of the strongest clubs out there, but they really need to rediscover their humbleness because that’s always been one of their best feats. I have both played and managed Juventus in the past and I will say this: you always have to give your best at Juve and right now nor everybody is doing that 100%,” said a harsh Fabio Capello on Sky Sports while Massimiliano Allegri was listening to the conversation on Sky Sports.

How many ban matches do you think Cristiano Ronaldo will get after this harsh red card? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.