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The government wants Newcastle to be better with fans

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Sports Minister Tracey Crouch issued a statement claiming that owner Mike Ashley failed to support the club and its supporters

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has been on the spotlight recently for the way he has spoken to the team’s fans in the English Premier League.

His club is also not doing very well in the standings and this is just making things worst between Newcastle and the supporters.

And now the government has stepped in, thanks to Sports Minister Tracey Crouch.

“The Government is not aware of any failure by the current owners to meet the Premier League’s requirements to ensure facilities are maintained to the required standard, to comply with the financial reporting and ownership criteria rule outlined above, nor the requirement to meet with supporters to discuss matters important to the running of the club,” the statement said according to The Chronicle Live.

“The Government, however, has noted the concern among supporters that has led to this petition and would encourage the ownership of Newcastle United FC to review the way they currently engage with fans to see if more can be achieved in this area.”

“The Government will continue to hold the football authorities to account for ensuring there are regulations in place that encourage good governance, sustainable investment and ensure there is dialogue with supporters,” Crouch added.