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The greatest 5 goals of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career

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Football is a game that has been around for what seems like forever, and it has brought us many stars whose achievements are unforgettable.

Their outstanding skills and ability to manoeuvre in the field are fantastic to watch. It’s hard to miss these players even if you are not a football fan. One such player is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo, a Portuguese football player, was born on 5th February 1985. Currently, he is playing for Serie A Juventus as a forward. Moreover, he is captain of the Portuguese national team.

Read this article to find out about the best 5 goals Ronaldo has ever scored.

Manchester United vs Arsenal (2009)

First, these two great teams have a long history of intense matches. In this match, Ronaldo was the highlight of the show. His defence throughout this game was incredible, but it takes a team to win a football match, and in this particular match, all players worked together flawlessly, passing and receiving the ball seamlessly.

In just the 8th minute, Ronaldo passed a low cross to Park Ji-Sung, allowing him plenty of space to push it forward. Park then passed it wide to Rooney, who then shot it straight to Ronaldo. In just 8 seconds, he had already run 100 yards (91.44 metres) scoring the goal at the top of the net.

Real Madrid vs. Osasuna (2014)

This scoring streak started with Ronaldo scoring a 25-yard goal in the mere sixth minute. It was excellent because it was right outside the Osasuna box. The curling shot zoomed into the top corner past the still shocked goalkeeper Andrés Fernandez. Before finishing, Ronaldo teased the Osasuna defence and landed another goal in the 53rd minute.

Then seven minutes into the second half, Ronaldo scored yet another goal for Real Madrid. The play was nearly the same as the first one. The difference was that it wasn’t a curling goal. He just shot a straight shot into the top corner. The total goals by Madrid at the end of this match were four to nothing for Osasuna.

Juventus vs. Sampdoria (2019)

The most memorable moment of this match, and frankly, Ronaldo’s career, is him jumping 71 cm off the ground. He jumped this incredible height to take a header and make the winning goal — the kind of shot typically seen in an NBA game. Being such a threat on the field, Ronaldo makes use of all his skills on the pitch, including his jumping skills.

Often called a triple threat, Ronaldo can use his head, left or right foot, to score a goal. It was not the first time Ronaldo scored an air shot against the defenders. The goal sent Juventus 3 points ahead in the Serie A championship with a 2-1 victory against Sampdoria.

Manchester United vs. Arsenal (2009)

Although we have already mentioned this match, it’s important to highlight another one of Ronaldo’s record-breaking goals in detail. So, despite being barricaded by the opposing team defenders, Ronaldo had already calculated how he would score next. He took a powerful shot from 40 yards (ca. 37 m) which passed Manuel Almunia on the left.

Like a rocket, the ball flew into the net, the goalkeeper did not see it coming, and it even left commentator Clive Tyldesley speechless for a moment. In the 61st minute, Ronaldo scored another great goal proving he is among the best midfield defenders, as well as a teammate. Ronaldo bolted through the field, and Rooney passed him a low cross. Ronaldo scored a goal over Almunia.

Real Madrid vs. Juventus (2018)

Another great goal by Ronaldo was the bicycle kick goal while playing for Real Madrid against Juventus. Just three minutes into the game, Ronaldo scored the first over-kick goal. This was a result of the breakdown in Juventus’s defence and it was so glorious that even the opposing team’s fans gave him a standing ovation.

Moreover, it is essential to note that while playing against Juventus, in the 98th minute during the injury time, he scored a goal that would enable Real to advance to the semi-finals. Ronaldo has scored a total of 10 championship goals against Juventus. By the time the game had ended, had already scored three goals against Juventus.


That concludes the list of Cristiano Ronaldo’s most incredible goals for now. You can see that Ronaldo’s skills, expertise, and teamwork has led him to become one of the most renowned footballers around. Furthermore, his ability to think outside the box makes him an outstanding football player. Throughout his career, he has won 31 major trophies, 5 Ballon d’Or awards, and four European Golden Shoes. In addition, he has scored over 770 official goals for his club and country in his senior career. If you like betting responsibly, but prefer playing slots, go to Platin Casinos — one of the best online slots UK.