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The injury fears about Lionel Messi came to pass last night

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After a disappointing showing for Argentina against Venezuela, the injury fears about Lionel Messi came to pass. He will go back to Barcelona.

Before the friendly match between Argentina and Venezuela in which Lionel Messi had a scheduled return to the national team, there were injury fears that even Cesar Luis Menotti expressed before the match.

The FC Barcelona star has been making a massive effort to play at the full extent of his abilities this season but he’s been doing it with groin problems, he was already spotted suffering pains during the practice sessions ahead of this match but he still played a full 90 minutes in Argentina’s 3-1 defeat against Venezuela.

Not only did Lionel Messi remind everyone that his national team is not at his level, but he also confirmed those injury fears by ending the game with serious pain that will bring him back to Barcelona as soon as possible.

This means that Lionel Messi will miss the scheduled match against Morocco next week, it also means that the Catalan club is going to have to deal with this injury during a crucial time for the entity according to Diario Sport.

We have to remember that Barcelona has a scheduled quarterfinal series against Manchester United after the international break, which leaves very little room for recovery to the Barcelona star and a very bad aftertaste with this whole Argentina experience.

Suddenly what Cesar Luis Menotti said about the Argentina captain made a lot more sense, we have also been talking about how important it was for him to not play too many minutes with the national team but we can bet that he was the one who decided to play the whole 90 minutes against Venezuela.

The frustration on Messi’s face was clear during the whole game, he knows that the players who are part of the national team are simply not on his level and he will keep struggling to win any major trophy during the final years of his international career.

The hard truth is that regardless of what the media from Argentina thinks, there simply aren’t good enough players who can take the national team to win anything while Lionel Messi remains active.

We were all fortunate enough to have him during his whole career, we can enjoy his football until the day he retires and he will keep winning many titles with FC Barcelona.

However, Leo was very unlucky to be born in an era that Argentine simply didn’t produce any good football players who could compliment themselves perfectly with him as he did at Barcelona with the likes of Xavi or Andres Iniesta.

Watching Lionel Messi hold on to the romanticized idea that he can carry the Argentina national team on his own is actually starting to make us feel pity for him, because we know how important it is for the Barcelona star to win a trophy for Argentina.

All the pundits and critics who keep talking smack about Leo should realize that everything that happens in the national team is not his fault, the whole system in Argentine football is to blame because there isn’t a good enough infrastructure that can produce better players than the ones that existed a decade ago.

It’s no use for us to throw any shade to the many butthurt Argentine journalists who are determined to go after Messi, they will never understand that they really do have one of the best players in football history and they never appreciated him enough.

Their uncontrollable infatuation for Diego Maradona has blinded most of them, they fail to see that Messi is ten times as good and he is even a better professional by far.

The only ones who have to pay for Lionel Messi’s problems are Barcelona, the Catalan club will have to go through his recovery and see if he will be fit for the Champions League.

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