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The joy of watching football according to Crouch – “Ronaldo Nazario”

Ronaldo Nazario
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Peter Crouch shares with us the player who in his eyes brought him the most joy when he watched football.

The former England and Liverpool striker Peter Crouch is a huge Ronaldo fan.

Not Cristiano Ronaldo, but Ronaldo Nazario.

Some refer to him as the original Ronaldo, others the Brazilian Ronaldo, and even R9.

But to Crouch, he is the greatest joy of watching football.

Just for you Crouch a few of his best moments tormenting the goalkeeper.

Then there’s is the day he single-handedly destroyed Manchester United in the Champions League. Being a Liverpool fan I’m sure that’s was one Crouch’s joyful moments.

Although it must be said even the United fans had to applaud Ronaldo that day.

More than just goals, what about his dazzling footwork that wooed the crowd and infuriated his opponent.

It’s easy to see why they call him O FENÓMENO!