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The most important thing in football is to win: Dani Ceballos

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Dani Ceballos put in a man of the match performance as Arsenal defeated Burnley in the second week of the English Premier League.

Dani Ceballos had a great match on his Arsenal debut, as he helped his team defeated Burnley in the English Premier League.

“I really want this year to truly demonstrate the football that I have inside,” his words were quoted by Four Four Two.

“I have a lot of enthusiasm for this season and to be able to give a lot of joy to this club. The confidence they have in me, I want to return it to them with my performances.”

He added: “The most important thing in football is to win.”

“When you have a great game and can help the team to get the victory, you feel satisfaction to know that you’re going home calmly and with the work done.”

“The truth is that for me it has been one of the most special days of my life. I think that by starting at home with a win, and with this passion shown at the end of the match, I think it will be hard for me to forget this day,” he commented.

“It seems to happen here a few times.”

“The performance was really encouraging. We put Arsenal under some real pressure by pressing high up the pitch and we got some joy from that,” he added.

“When you come to the big grounds and the top six that’s how you want to play and, unfortunately, we just fell a bit short.”

“We put them under some real pressure, and we were a bit unfortunate at the end,” Ceballos concluded.