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The most major disappointments in the Premier League

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While the Premier League was as exciting as ever this weekend, a few of the elements of the various matches really disappointed fans and pundits alike.

Clearly, the English Premier League is going to be a hard act to follow if it were to unfold. From enticing derbies to title assaults to relegation dogfights, this league has it all.

Truth be told, it is a little ungrateful of us to be complaining about the league given that it always delivers on its promise. Manchester City and Liverpool are romping towards yet another promising clash for the league title while Everton have finally found their feet.

West Ham United are now playing with a team that is full of confidence while Sheffield’s display against Chelsea shows that there is life in the bottom rung of the league table.

However, there were a few things/matches/instances that are a bit of a disappointment for us.

Sadio Mane losing it

While Mane and Mo Salah have formed one of the most fearsome partnership in the history of the Premier League, it appears that the competitiveness has finally started getting the better of the two. In the 3-0 win over Burnley, the Senegal international was screaming for the ball but Salah went for glory instead.

That move didn’t result in anything but Mane was beside himself and was seen berating his fellow African and the team’s fitness coach once he was brought off. While his anger and frustration is understandable, such displays really give a bad image of what we know is a cohesive unit Jurgen Klopp has built.

Hopefully it would be a huge issue in the long run.

Manchester United flounder….AGAIN!

It is clear that Manchester United are no more the Premier League stalwarts they had been for the last two decades. The Red Devils experienced something of a false dawn when they hammered Chelsea 4-0 in their first Premier League game of the season.

Since then, a rather shocking run of one defeat and two draws has again created a whirlwind of questions regarding the suitability of Solskjaer as the man to turn the tables.

Against Southampton, we only saw a promising United side for 30 minutes. After that, it was the same old Red Devils, devoid of any creativity and playing without the motivation to add more to their lead.

While Paul Pogba was spraying misplaced passes, the forward line was unable to do much in the final third either.

If we could get a dollar for every time a fan let out a grunt after each blunt move, we would perhaps be buying our own club.

Tammy impresses but Chelsea problems remain

Chelsea are going to struggle in the Premier League for sure. While Tammy Abraham keeps scoring freely, it is clear that the Blues are struggling in defense. Without the injured Kante, the backline doesn’t have a lot of cover.

While they did lead 2-0, two late goals were something that was going to happen eventually.

Premier League isn’t going to be too kind!

The more these things happen, the more you feel that Chelsea’s attacking promise will always be cancelled out by a poor defense led by Kurt Zouma a.k.a an accident waiting to happen.