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The most popular football teams in the world

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Sports is perhaps the backbone of many people’s lives, and it is easy to see why. Whether it’s someone’s career or simply just something they anticipate watching, millions of people tune in to watch live sport every day.

It has massive implications on many industries such as gambling, advertising, and fashion. When you’re finished playing at your online casino, you might even look to start backing your favourite sports team.

Each sports fan will have their favourite team, and for any Ronaldo fans out there, it only natural that football is likely to be their favourite sport. However, what are the most popular football teams out there, and which ones of these has Ronaldo been a part of?

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

Located in Barcelona, Spain, FC Barcelona is one of the leading soccer clubs in the whole world. Over the years, FCB has recruited some of the greatest soccer talent known to man, such as Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, and Xavi. However, for Ronaldo fans, this likely isn’t going to be their top choice. Instead, routing for Real Madrid, the arch-rivals in the league, they can carry just as much superstardom as their Spanish counterparts. Fans would argue that Cristiano Ronaldo alone has drawn millions of eyes to the Spanish capital on a weekly basis.

Bayern Munich

German giants Bayern Munich have their vast success, superstar players, and beautiful stadium to thank for becoming one of the most celebrated sports teams in the world. Thanks to the likes of Robert Lewandoski, Bayern Munich won the 2020 Champions League, the most prestigious club competition in the world of soccer. 

Manchester United

It is not just Real Madrid that Ronaldo has been a part of. He has also played for Manchester United, consider to be one of the other of Britain’s most popular soccer clubs alongside Liverpool. The Red Devils have grown their fanbase thanks to great success, world-class players, Ronaldo included, and unforgettable matches

Liverpool FC

Although Ronaldo fans would disagree, it cannot be disputed that one of the UK’s most popular clubs has a worldwide fanbase and remains one of the most supported sports teams on the entire planet is Liverpool. Iconic moments and an atmospheric stadium are what led the Reds to their popular status.