File photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images.
File photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images.

The Argentinean footballer disappeared after visiting former Nantes friends in France as he traveled to his new destination: Cardiff City Football Club.

Argentinean footballer Emiliano Sala and English pilot David Ibbotson were traveling over the English Channel when they disappeared from the radar.

Two and a half days later, the light aircraft on which they were traveling hasn’t been found.

And as search and rescue mission is set to resume tomorrow, one has to ask painful and sensitive questions about his contract.

The footballer signed a 17 million Euros contract with Cardiff City in the English Premier League.

He then went back to say goodbye to his former teammates in the French Ligue 1 team Nantes.

And when he traveled back to the United Kingdom, his aircraft disappeared, and family and friends are fearing the worst.

But what happens to his contract?

“The transfer contract is valid as soon as it is registered with FIFA,” Alexandra Cohen Jonathan, a lawyer, and partner at the Paris firm August Debouzy was quoted by Fox Sports Australia.

“If this is the case, in principle Cardiff must pay the 17 million Euros to Nantes even though the player has disappeared.”

She then described how teams protect themselves with insurance policies.

PROGRESO, ARGENTINA - FEBRUARY 16: Football player of Nantes Nicolas Pallois (L) carries the coffin together with Sala's relatives after a vigil at Sala's boyhood club San Martin de Progreso on February 16, 2019 in Progreso, Argentina. 28-year-old striker was killed when the private plane carrying him from Nantes to Cardiff crashed in the English Channel near Alderney on January 21. Sala's body was recovered from the wreckage on February 6 and pilot David Ibbotson remains missing. (Photo by Gustavo Garello/Getty Images)

Emiliano Sala’s hometown says goodbye

The body of Argentinean footballer Emiliano Sala was transported to Progreso, Argentina, where he was cremated.

“Nantes had certainly signed a contract of this type, but does this contract still apply when a transfer has already been signed?” asked Cohen Jonathan.

“Have Cardiff already taken out this insurance? Had it already come into effect?”

And for liability insurance, it would have only come into play “if one of the two clubs was the organizer of air transport,” said Cohen Jonathan.

“We spoke to the player and asked him if he wanted us to make arrangements for his flight, which would have been commercial. He declined,” said Cardiff chairman Mehmet Dalman to The Mirror.

Sala’s agent, Mark McKay, has already confirmed he arranged the private flight for his client.

“In any case, someone will have to pay 17 million euros,” said Cohen Jonathan.