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The people of Madrid are turning on Bale

gareth bale
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The people of Madrid have had their fill of Gareth Bale, and they want him gone.

While the club tries to defend the situation, everyone else associated with Real Madrid is washing their hands of Welshman Bale.

It was bad enough that he was miraculously fit enough when Wales needed him for Euro 2020 qualifiers, but not when Real did in la Liga or the Champions League.

Now he is seen to be mocking them, with the flags and the chants, that put Los Blancos at the bottom of his list of priorities.

Local social media accounts have been flooded with voices of disgust in Bale’s actions.

The comment via Madris Sport read:

“We have always defended you, Gareth Bale.”

“We have had patience with your injuries, we have celebrated your goals and assists, and we have defended your passion for golf and your limited Spanish.”

“But enough is enough. As it says on the flag, you are laughing at Madrid.”

While according to Sport Bible, local journalists are even more angry.

One wants him to quite simply pack his bags.

Manu Sainz added:

“Bale knows he will be able to leave Madrid in January if he forces a move, but this is getting out of hand.”

While another does not want him to ever wear the beloved colors of the team again.

Ruben Martin said:

“Laughing at Madrid, he doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt.”

“And he shouldn’t wear it again. Ever.”

Is there any way back for Gareth Bale, o is his time in Madrid up? As far as the fans are concerned he is no longer one of them.