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The players who can replace Kevin de Bruyne at Manchester City

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Injured Kevin De Bruyne is set to miss the next three months of competition, which means Pep Guardiola has to select the players to replace him at Manchester City.

This week’s unfortunate announcement of Kevin de Bruyne’s knee injury is very bad news for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, he is arguably the most talented midfielder the Citizens have on the squad. However, the Catalan manager does have a number of players who can replace what De Bruyne brings to the squad and they actually have the capabilities to reproduce what the Belgian midfielder does to a certain level. It was reported this Friday that Kevin de Bruyne has a knee ligament injury that does not require surgery, something that would’ve left him out of competition for at least five months. However, the medical report states that the player will be out for three months which is still quite a bit of time of competition that he will miss. Pep Guardiola already said that this new setback if very unfortunate, but he knows there are some players who are up for the challenge of replacing Manchester City’s best player from last season. Here are the names that can replace De Bruyne for the Citizens for the next three months.

Riyad Mahrez

This is exactly why Pep Guardiola brought the Algerian offensive midfielder to the squad this summer, in case something like this happened and they needed a top level player who could guarantee great performances on a consistent basis. Riyad Mahrez is a proven talent who won the PFA Player of the Year Award when his former club Leicester City shockingly won the Premier League. Mahrez remained with the Foxes for two more seasons before he finally was sold to a top-flight club, for Pep Guardiola his transfer was a no-brainer and now Mahrez has the chance to prove the Catalan manager was right to bring him to the Citizens.

Ilkay Gündogan

The German midfielder who already had a fantastic last season, is arguably the best-suited player to take on De Bruyne’s role as a provider for all the strikers. The former Borussia Dortmund player does play a bit more of a defensive role at City, but his Bundesliga days are a testament of the amazing offensive work that he can do when given the chance to go on the attack. This might be a great opportunity for him to get more recognition in a position he dominates just as well, if not better than the one he’s been playing under Guardiola thus far. We can also expect him to share the spot with other players who can accompany him on the attack.

Phil Foden

Even if this youngster still has a lot to prove to Pep Guardiola, he does have the best conditions from any other young player to replace Kevin de Bruyne. Foden is actually the homegrown product that Pep Guardiola is developing to become his successor when the Belgian international leaves the club or decides to retire, so this opportunity is actually perfect for him to start practicing the role. But the Catalan manager might be a little hesitant to play him during top-tier matches, although he won’t hesitate to use him against opponents that don’t represent a huge threat for the club.

David Silva

The veteran Spaniard won’t have to worry about international games for his national team because he just announced his retirement, which means that Pep Guardiola will have him all for himself and De Bruyne’s injury automatically gives him most of the responsibility as a game provider for the strikers. Silva doesn’t exactly play the same position as Kevin does because he is a lefty, but his versatility to move all around the attacking zone should be more than enough to help the squad when needed. This start of the season must be the one in which Silva should become the team’s midfield leader now that Yaya Toure is gone, he has the experience to fill the role.

Which other player do you think should be included among the names that can replace injured Kevin de Bruyne during these three months? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.