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The pros and cons of Ronaldo returning to Real Madrid

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It’s about time we spoke about the pros and cons of Cristiano Ronaldo possibly returning to Real Madrid by the start of next summer. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has been flirting with Real Madrid over the last couple of weeks for a possible return in the summer. There are many reasons why he should and some reasons why he shouldn’t. We decided to list the pros and cons of a possible return to Los Blancos. There is much to discuss about this chance Cristiano Ronaldo might get after three years of failing to win the Champions League for Juventus. Let’s do this!

Con: Eden Hazard could leave if Ronaldo returns. 

Eden Hazard’s arrival wasn’t what Real Madrid supporters expected. The Belgian star has suffered a total of ten injuries since he arrived two seasons ago, which is more than enough reason to sell him. It’s frustrating for many Real Madrid supporters watching Eden fail every time he gets on the pitch. If Ronaldo arrives, his days at the club are numbered because he plays the same position. Zidane will simply pick the seasoned star over Hazard every time. 

Pro: The fans will feel hopeful again. 

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo left, the supporters got into a state of deep depression. Their best player in history left the institution in search of new challenges. Although this was a two-way streak, there is no denying Real Madrid suffered more than Cristiano did with this breakup. If he returns, the fans will be thrilled for having their star back where he belongs. 

Con: His wage demands are too high for Real Madrid. 

The main reason Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave Real Madrid was that Florentino Perez refused to pay him €30 million per season. Juventus agreed to pay him that wage, which makes his return more difficult because he won’t like the idea of cutting his existing wage. The only chance he has of coming is if he agrees to earn less than what he earns right now. Otherwise, he will have to look for a different club. 

Pro: Goals are guaranteed with Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Even during his three seasons at Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo maintained his goal-scoring habits with no fail. Returning to Real Madrid means he will have some of the best midfielders in the game back at his disposal. We have a feeling his production will skyrocket again if he decides to return to Los Blancos. Even if Kroos and Modric weren’t there, Ronaldo would still score many goals per season. 

Con: His age is a major factor. 

Even though we believe he still has football to play for at least another four years, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t getting any younger. In his latest birthday message to his fans, he expressed his frustration for not having more time to keep playing at the same level. This is truly the final stage of a brilliant career that gave us a lot of happiness for nearly two decades. Real Madrid should think about the way they will handle this. 

Pro: Zidane’s system is familiar to Ronaldo. 

Zidane might be the one manager who finally got the best version of Cristiano Ronaldo between 2016 and 2018. That was the best we ever got from him and both men know this. Getting back together means that they will try to emulate what they did during that period of time. It’s really a no-brainer for either of them. If Ronaldo returns, we can expect a successful Real Madrid for at least a couple more years. 

Con: His arrival could prevent other major signings from happening. 

As the biggest con with Ronaldo’s possible return, Real Madrid might not sign other players they had in mind. Namely Kylian Mbappe, who is slowly becoming Florentino Perez’s obsession. If Cristiano comes, he will likely block not only the Frenchman’s arrival. There’s a major chance he will also block Erling Haaland’s possible transfer to Real Madrid. 

Pro: His hunger for titles remains unmatched. 

Winning the sixth Champions League of his career is the biggest obsession for Cristiano Ronaldo. There is only one former player who has done it before him: the legendary Paco Gento. Other than that, there’s a small club of players (including Ronaldo) who won five titles. Returning to Real Madrid means he might have a fresh chance to win that title, especially after failing three times at Juventus.