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The race for the EPL golden boot: can Ronaldo still win?

Cristiano Ronaldo
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What a season it has been.

The dominance of Liverpool and Manchester City has been on display again with the latter currently being in the driver’s seat to win their fourth title out of the last 5 possible. The golden boot has also been as competitive as ever but who will end up holding the trophy as the season ends. This bet365 sportsbook review will give you a great guide to this site and it is in our opinion one of the best sites to place bets.

Can Ronaldo Still Win the Golden Boot?

Cristiano Ronaldo sits four goals behind Mo Salah and has only one remaining premier league fixture left so it would take a remarkable last day for Ronaldo to grab the trophy although it is the type of thing, he has been doing his whole career. The 37-year-old continues to defy his edge and for him to be the third top goal scorer in a season where Manchester United has just not shown up is a testament to the great man.

Mo Salah Vs Heung Min Son

Mo Salah was flying for so much of this season and if his numbers didn’t slow down, we wouldn’t still be asking who will win the golden boot this year. Son, on the other hand, has always gone on under the radar but should be considered world-class without question and if Tottenham reaches the top four his influence would arguably be higher than any of his competitors. It is also worth noting that none of Son’s goals have come from the penalty spot. I know at this level you need to score penalties, but some would like to take this factor into consideration.

Other Top Scorers in The Division

As the season reaches its climax it is now a good time to look at who has scored the most goals this season for their clubs. Kevin De Bruyne has 15 which for a non-striker is a wonderful return. In my opinion, if he stays injury-free he should continue to put up these numbers considering his quality. The way he strikes the ball makes you wonder why he doesn’t make a mockery of scoring in this fine Manchester City team.

Liverpool, of course, have Salah, who by the way has 13 assists to his name just to show he is not all about finding the back of the net. Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane also have 15 respectively. Harry Kane has 16 which is a very good amount when you consider he didn’t get going to the season was a third of its way in due to his head being turned by the Manchester City transfer fiasco.

Notable Mentions

It is good to look at those players who have achieved this year despite not featuring at the highest end of this list. Wilfried Zaha has 13 goals which is a great return considering he is rarely talked about these days regarding a move away from Selhurst Park. Jarrod Bowen now has a tally of 12 for the hammers as many fans want to see him being given a chance in the England squad.

What A Fantastic Season

Not every year do we get to this point of the season with everything to play for. The title is still on the line, European places are up for grab and either Everton, Leeds or Burnley will still go down. The stage is set for one of the best final days in premier league history. Unless something very dramatic happens, the golden boot will be won by either Salah or Son. Son has Norwich away in a game Spurs need to win to clinch the top four so who would bet against him overtaking Salah? Meanwhile, Salah is a big-time player and against Southampton or Villa, he might prove to be the champion he is once again.