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The real reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s poor form

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After his second consecutive unfinished match for Juventus, we need to talk about the real reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s poor form.

All Juventus fans are alarmed with Cristiano Ronaldo’s poor form in recent months, we’ll explain the real reason behind it.

In order to further comprehend what really happened during the last two matches, we need to understand what Ronaldo’s real problem is.

The Portugal captain has been carrying a knee problem for the last couple of months, which directly affects his level of performance with his club.

Manager Maurizio Sarri has taken off Ronaldo twice in a row for the first time since 2016, which was during one of his best seasons at Real Madrid.

Back then, Cristiano suffered a muscular injury that forced Zinedine Zidane to take him off the pitch in two consecutive matches.

The problem that Ronaldo currently has is a lot more serious than people actually believed, and the player is fuming for this.

After the UEFA Champions League’s odd substitution, we all wondered if Ronaldo was having a tough moment with manager Maurizio Sarri.

There were even speculations about their relationship, but all this was false. The star has a great relationship with his manager, but he obviously doesn’t like getting subbed due to his physical problems.

Although he didn’t appear injured at the time, it was later reported that Ronaldo had a meniscus problem on his knee. 

Ronaldo suffers the same problem that Luis Suarez had. 

As a perfect example of what Cristiano is going through, we need to talk about FC Barcelona’s Luis Suarez.

The Uruguay international had the exact same issue in one of his knees last season, he held on to the last moments of the year before going under the knife.

‘Lucho’ played several matches with this pain, he clearly wasn’t at the top of his game and this eventually affected FC Barcelona’s title chances.

The surgery was relatively minor but he still needed two months to recover from it, this is exactly what Ronaldo needs to avoid.

However, the last two games he played for Juventus clearly prove that Cristiano can’t continue playing at the top of his game without tending to his injury.

We know how stubborn the best players can be when it comes to these issues, which is why Maurizio Sarri’s guidance will be paramount over the next few weeks.

The coaching staff needs to show Cristiano that he needs to get surgery before his problem becomes more serious.

The anger that Ronaldo showed after getting subbed again on Sunday was evident, he was truly unhappy with his level of performance due to this unexpected knee problem. 

Ronaldo should also take a break from Portugal. 

Given that manager Fernando Santos already issued the Portugal call-up list for the upcoming international break, it’s clear that Cristiano shouldn’t attend the call.

Instead, the Portuguese forward must rest and make a decision about his knee as soon as possible.

Not playing to the full extent of his abilities this early in the season is not as detrimental as doing so during the final stages.

Even though there is nothing official yet, Cristiano’s problem has become impossible to cover up.

The fans don’t like the situation any more than we do, but the star has to take some time to recover and return stronger than before.

The problem with this situation is that Portugal still hasn’t qualified for the 2020 Euros, and Ronaldo might not be able to help them in the next two matches.

The reigning European champions are set to play against Luxembourg and Lithuania next weekend, not having Ronaldo will certainly complicate things.

However, Cristiano wouldn’t like to get in the way of Portugal’s chances to qualify if he isn’t going to play at the top of his game.

The final decision hasn’t been made yet, but we will keep you posted about anything that happens. 

Do you think Ronaldo should get knee surgery or wait until the end of the season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.