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The real reason Mauro Icardi missed the Argentina call

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It’s time to talk about the main reason why Mauro Icardi didn’t receive the final call for the Copa America’s Argentina National Team.

There is a certain poetic justice that comes within the story of Mauro Icardi and the Argentina National Team, the player just got tossed aside from the list for the Copa America.

Manager Lionel Scaloni actually called him to play several of the friendly matches right after the 2018 World Cup in Russia, he was lining up to become the squad’s main number ‘9’.

Mauro Icardi is actually one of the most talented strikers in Argentina’s recent history and his talent is certainly good enough to make the national team.

However, it was his decision-making what prevented him from getting that call.

Mauro has always been a troubled and controversial individual, someone who is unapologetic with life and never cares about what people think.

It’s safe to say that Icardi as a major influence from his wife and agent, Wanda.

The problems between him and the national team really started long ago, back when Maxi Lopez was still eligible to make the team.

The people in charge of Argentina decided to ban Icardi from the squad due to the personal problems he had with Maxi.


Wanda has always been a negative influence on Mauro.

We know it’s a bit harsh to say this but Wanda Icardi has always been a terrible influence in Mauro’s career as a professional player.

Their relationship didn’t start well as she cheated on her former husband (Maxi Lopez) with Mauro, they eventually got together and married.

This is not the reason we say Wanda is a bad influence, we believe that the striker should’ve hired his own agent and not let her take care of his business.

Mauro Icardi has been under constant battle with his club since Wanda started managing his affairs, the player had a huge falling out with manager Luciano Spalletti.

This was one of the biggest reasons why manager Lionel Scaloni decided to drop him from the national team.

The player missed several months of competition and the Argentina coach had to make a choice.

“Mauro’s present is complicated and we can’t be part of it. This is evident. The Argentina National Team doesn’t need to be involved with everything that’s happening to Mauro right now.”

“I was a player and when those subjects come to the table, I prefer not getting involved. He needs to sort out his situation and then we’ll make a decision,” said Scaloni a few months ago via Marca.


This was only one of Mauro Icardi’s problems.

We have not just one but two problems that pushed Mauro Icardi away from the Argentina National Team, one was his problem with Inter.

However, the most important issue that Mauro Icardi had to deal with was his big mouth.

The player wasn’t able to keep his opinion to himself and spoke against the squad’s “old guard”, he said he was treated as an outsider by the veterans when he came to the squad.

It was obvious that the biggest names who remained from the last generation wouldn’t like this.

Lionel Messi immediately stated that he disagreed with Icardi’s statements, this was clearly a mistake from the striker that would come back to bite him in the ass later.

With Sergio Aguero coming back to his best form and Icardi clearly being considered a wild card, Scaloni chose the Manchester City star for the Copa America.

This could serve Mauro as a huge life lesson, and maybe even as a way to realize that personal life and work don’t always mix.

The Icardi family will have to watch Argentina playing the Copa America from their home this time around.

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