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The reason Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ wouldn’t succeed today

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It’s been 15 years since the Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ won that Premier League title unbeaten, but they wouldn’t have won the title this season.

The Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ will remain in everybody’s memory as the first club in Premier League history that won the league without losing a single match.

This record consisted of 26 won matches, 12 draws, and absolutely zero defeats. It all went up to the impressive number of 90 points in total throughout the whole season.

Those numbers were more than enough for the Gunners to win the Premier League during the 2003-04 season.

It’s been a total of 15 years since that accomplishment took place in English football.

This is a feat that may be repeated in the future but Arsene Wenger’s boys will forever be the first ones who did it.

However, you need to wrap your head around what happened this season because that same Arsenal squad would’ve been the third place this season if they had played the competition.

Manchester City won the title with an incredible 98 points and Liverpool was a close second with 97.

Even if they had finished the season unbeaten, the Gunners would’ve been a good 8 points behind the current Premier League champions.

Not winning the league with 90 points is crazy to think about, this is how far football has gone in the modern era.

Manchester City and Liverpool might keep this trend.

It’s not like this season’s heroics from Manchester City are a one-off thing, they have pretty much repeated what they did last season.

The Citizens won the previous Premier League title with a historic 100 points after the tournament was over.

There is a trend that is starting to become more repetitive in European football, giant clubs are starting to get the idea of how to make impressive amounts of points throughout a single season.

The Arsenal squad that won that season 15 years ago, would be only slightly above average compared to the ones we have today.

The major difference between that squad and the ones from today’s football are the managers.

Arsene Wenger managed to remain consistent for an important number of years, he completely changed the culture at Arsenal but times keep changing rapidly.

The many different rituals that existed from that era are not the same types of rituals that exist today.

Wenger came with that oriental philosophy from Japan and he really did make a difference.

However, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp’s new methods are also very efficient and the players respond well to them.

Understanding the nuances between old and modern English football.

Once you stop for a moment and analyze how much has changed over the last 15 years, you suddenly realize that English football has suffered a major evolution.

The initial years in which the new format started at the beginning of the ’90s decade were the beta version of what we have today.

The FA had a vision of transforming this competition into the most competitive in European football.

This was a combination of many factors that included TV rights, the arrival of many foreign talents, and the constant competition against leagues from other countries in the Champions League.

We have to remember that the continental tournament also changed its format at around the same time the Premier League did.

Even though it’s been 20 years since an English club conquered the only treble in English football history.

We have no doubts that a club from today could accomplish that sometime in the near future.

Perhaps Pep Guardiola’s Citizens have been preparing for this over the last three years.

Perhaps Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool could be the next team of ‘Invincibles’ like that Arsenal squad from 15 years in the past.

Only time will tell us what is going to happen.

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