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The reason behind Eden Hazard’s low level at Real Madrid

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It’s time to talk about a delicate subject right now, which is directly related to Eden Hazard’s lack of good results as a Real Madrid player.

Even though Eden Hazard always pushed to complete his transfer to Real Madrid, the former Chelsea star is not responding as expected now that he is there.

The detail about his weight has always been discussed, but he was never bullied as he is currently getting it from the fans in Spain.

There have been countless memes made about Eden’s weight, but his problem has less to do with that and more related to adaptation.

You see, Hazard is going through a problem that is slightly similar to what Gareth Bale experienced.

The Welshman expected to be one of the main players from the very beginning based only on his price tag, it took him a little while to understand that due to the language barrier.

In Hazard’s case, the Belgian player has the advantage that a lot of French-speaking people coexist in Real Madrid.

They let him know what the club was all about from the very first moment, but Eden still had to get used to the idea that he isn’t the biggest player on the team.

There are other names such as Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, or Luka Modric in there. In fact, Eden asked the Croatian for the number ’10’ jersey and he got a resounding NO as a response.

This adaptation process might be taking longer than expected, and the fans are already past their threshold of patience due to the bad results.

Eden will never match Cristiano, and that’s okay.

There is a common misconception about Eden Hazard’s arrival that the Real Madrid fans don’t seem to understand.

They thought that this player could deliver similar results to the ones that Cristiano Ronaldo gave them every week, but they are gravely mistaken.

Since we’ve been studying him for the better part of a decade since he played for Lille, we know the pros and cons of having him on a squad.

Hazard is not the type of player who delivers more than 30 goals per season, he is even an intermittent type of talent who takes a while of getting used to the place where he plays.

People who didn’t follow the Premier League on a regular basis didn’t see the reality of Eden’s run at Chelsea.

The player recently revealed the reason he didn’t sign for Real Madrid sooner, he talked about the seven years he stayed with the Blues.

“When I was at Chelsea I already knew that my dream afterward was to come and play for this club one day,” he said on BT Sport.

“I hadn’t expected to play for Chelsea for seven years, but in the end it went well and I had the chance to win something every year.”

“I think that’s why I stayed there so long. “It’s now a dream for me to be here and I hope to make the most of it.”

We are fully convinced that the Real Madrid fans who are currently complaining about Eden Hazard’s level of performance didn’t really know him that well.

It took him a few months to reach the level he got to when Belgium played the FIFA World Cup last year, he remained at that level for a full season at Chelsea.

But once Eden gets to enjoy a bit of vacation, he tends to let go completely.

Hazard is one of those overly talented players who also think there is so much more to life than just football, but he will have to change his philosophy soon if he wants to succeed at Real Madrid.

There is no way in hell that Hazard will be the important player he envisions if he keeps having this idea that football is not the most important thing for him right now.

There is a reason professional players choose this trade, they know that they will dedicate their lives to this sport and it becomes a matter of life or death to most.

Eden should take a few pages from the Cristiano Ronaldo rule book, he still doesn’t look like he knows that he is a Real Madrid player.

Los Blancos’ fan base is the most demanding in the world, and they will quickly let him know if he is doing things right or wrong.

We hope he can get back to the same level he showed last season, that’s the Eden Hazard that everybody wants to see.

How long will it take Eden Hazard to adapt to Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.