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The reason Diego Simeone shouldn’t manage Argentina

Atletico Madrid v Valencia - La Liga
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We go in detail to why Argentine manager Diego Pablo Simeone should not agree to manage Argentina in the near future, there are good reasons not to do it.

The Argentina National Team currently maintains their search for a manager, their options are quite limited as we have discussed in previous articles but the most coveted option for them is Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone. ‘Cholo’ its currently starting what could arguably be considered his most ambitious project with Atletico Madrid, this is one of the first seasons since he became the Colchoneros’ manager that the club hasn’t sold important players to other squads and they also made an important investment thinking about reaching that 2019 Champions League final at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid. It’s very difficult for the Argentine to get tempted by AFA to take on a new project, but they can always make him an offer he can’t refuse and fulfill a dream that any manager from his country has on his bucket list. But there are people who advise him otherwise because the faith in the Argentina Football Association has dropped dramatically to the point that prominent football figures don’t think to bring elite managers like Simeone will be good for their careers.

We look at the example of Alejandro Mancuso, a former assistant manager to Diego Maradona during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he spoke to Super Radio Deportivo from Argentina and said the following about the possibility of Simeone managing Argentina: “I know how Diego Simeone works, the way he thinks and how much he enjoys winning. I have to say that I don’t see him as the Argentina manager today, he doesn’t even want to get near to everything that’s going on in our country right now. Why would he come for anyway? To get trashed every day by the media and the fans? If ‘Cholo’ who is my friend asks me what to do, I’m obviously going to be honest with him. I would tell him: ‘Why would you want to come if you are the best we have right now?’. We bought Sampaoli because of what he did with Chile, we bought that manager. But the Argentina National Team is not the Chilean National Team. Sampaoli got it all mixed up. All I can say is that this mess wouldn’t have happened with Julio Grondona, these things didn’t happen when he was still around. Grondona never let opinions get divided in Argentinean football and he called all the shots,” said Mancuso.

The near future for Simeone.

After listening to the radio show in which Mancuso, an insider from the Grondona days, talked about in regards to the possibility of Simeone managing Argentina, we can certainly assume that ‘Cholo’ is not going anywhere. But the press from Argentina is practically begging in every single show they have for someone to convince the Atletico Madrid manager, they are willing to go to unexpected lengths to get him as the boss and they won’t rest until they fulfill what they are trying to accomplish. Simeone keeps saying no to every single phone call from Claudio Tapia, but the AFA president is not giving up that easy and he keeps insisting because he knows that Simeone is the only hope Argentina has to win trophies in the future during his tenure as president. So far in the short season the Atletico Madrid manager is having in Spain, the results are not what he expected this far in the competition and the club’s management doesn’t shy away from the possibility to sack him if this season ends up in a complete disaster.

There is a way to convince Diego Simeone.

Claudio Tapia is not a stupid man, he knows there are strategies he can take to convince Diego Simeone to take the job in the near future. The latest call-up to his son Giovani who plays in Fiorentina could be a good way to get into Simeone’s good graces. It’s no secret that the boss has been trying to sign his son for the Colchoneros this summer, but Fiorentina hasn’t agreed on a transfer so far because they consider the striker a key part of their squad for this season’s attempt to compete in Serie A. It appears that ‘Cholo’ wants to coach a team in which his son plays, he is determined to do it and this is a good way in which AFA could convince him to manage Argentina for the next years. But this possibility is still not certain, there is a lot of work to do with Simeone and the more likely scenario is that even then he refuses to take the job because of how comfortable he is in Madrid. But AFA can keep on dreaming, even if Simeone’s own compatriots who know how things work in there, advice him to refuse the job.

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