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Analysis: The reason every manager is rejecting Barcelona

Barcelona, Xavi, Koeman
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We need to discuss the main reasons FC Barcelona is currently being rejected by several managers, including Xavi and Koeman. 

We just got news of another manager rejecting a proposal from FC Barcelona, we need to talk about the reason this happens.

The Catalan club is currently going through a very difficult moment with their coach.

Ernesto Valverde has given enough proof that he is not the man who can lead this team through big matches.

The losses against AS Roma, Liverpool FC, and Atletico Madrid are a testament to his ineptitude.

But if the manager is already quite unqualified, the board of directors is way less ideal for this club.

In fact, FC Barcelona is known for having a historically inept board.

President Jose Maria Bartomeu keeps making the worst possible decisions for the club since he took control of the institution.

We need to keep in mind that this man took his job after Sandro Rossell was convicted of crimes.

Bartomeu didn’t earn his place in Barcelona, he’s never been an ideal candidate to lead this club.

His status as the usurper of this club’s presidency is what keeps some of the best managers away from the club.

There aren’t too many coaches who are keen on getting in bed with him, he simply isn’t trustworthy. 

Xavi already said no to him. 

Although his reasons are completely different, Xavi Hernandez already rejected an offer from Bartomeu.

The Catalan manager stated many times how coaching Barcelona was always his dream.

And you might ask, why did Xavi reject the offer then? Simple.

Josep Maria Bartomeu is known for lacking the discretion needed when a club is trying to sign someone.

A very similar situation already happened to the president last summer. He couldn’t keep the Neymar situation in silence.

With Xavi, everything worked just as publicly.

Hernandez would’ve probably said yes to the offer of the president had better tact to manage these issues, but he is a complete mess.

It was obvious that the Al-Sadd manager would say no to an offer that left him as the villain of the story.

Ernesto Valverde wasn’t taken into consideration for any of this. Xavi considers this a major disrespect to the current coach.

It was pretty obvious that he wouldn’t agree to coach the squad right now with Valverde still on board.

Hernandez expected the club to at least sack Ernesto before approaching him, but the club lacks that decorum. 

Koeman said not as well.

Dutch manager Ronald Koeman was the other option for Barcelona. But the Netherlands’ boss also rejected the club.

Although his reasons were different. This will remain as a stain on Barcelona’s board of directors.

Two managers rejecting them in the span of a week is truly embarrassing.

But the worst part of this whole fiasco is how the club will manage Valverde.

The Spanish manager was reportedly fuming for the poor manner this was handled.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he resigned from the job after this treatment.

We certainly hope this happens just because of how poor of a job the president is doing.

Despite having poor results in knock-out competitions. Ernesto Valverde doesn’t deserve this type of treatment in any case.

Even the players agree that this situation was handled poorly. They may not like the coach but they respect him much more than the board.

Xavi Hernandez reportedly agreed to coach the club until July. After Valverde finishes the season. 

Why do you think the Barcelona board is doing such a terrible job? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.