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The reason Hirving Lozano might never play for Barcelona

during the Eredivisie match between PSV and Utrecht at Philips Stadion on August 11, 2018 in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Mexican PSV star Hirving Lozano just mentioned he would love to play for FC Barcelona in the future, we tell you why it might never happen.

This Tuesday we have a crucial match for PSV Eindhoven and their aspirations to actually get a ticket to the next round in the Champions League, they play at Barcelona in one of the two Group of Death games and Hirving Lozano is the biggest hope they have. The Mexican winger is arguably the most dangerous player that the Dutch champions will have this Tuesday at the Camp Nou, he just gave a statement to the local press where he was asked about the possibility to play at FC Barcelona. ‘Chucky‘ was very honest about his desires, he instantly smiled and responded that playing for the Catalan club would be a dream come true but he still needs to improve his game in order to even be considered as a possible transfer to the Catalan club. Lozano also did right to praise Lionel Messi as the best player in the world, something that goes a long way with the Argentine player for when the club decides to bring new players to the institution. Whether Lozano really thinks Messi is the best or not, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he knew what to say in the most important moment, now all he needs is to offer a great performance at the Camp Nou and his chances to play in Barcelona next season will increase.

In a best-case scenario given that PSV Eindhoven will most likely lose the match this Tuesday, is the chance of Lozano maybe scoring a goal or assisting a teammate during the match. The Mexican player needs to prove that he can become a real headache for the Barcelona defense even if his squad is not up for the task of beating one of the best clubs in Europe in their own turf right now, but even bigger surprises can happen in football as we all know. The outcome of the game won’t determine if Lozano is eligible for Barcelona in the near future, his individual performance will and he is 100% aware of that. But there is a major obstacle that could get in the way of Hirving Lozano’s wishes to become a Barça player in the near future, he recently acquired a new agent who is not in very good terms with the Catalan club and this could end up as a major setback in Lozano’s career. We are of course talking about Mino Raiola, the Italian agent who saw the Mexican player’s potential and decided to take him as a client back in April 2018. But having this agent on his corner means that Barcelona is not the only option for Lozano, which is not such bad news after all.

Pogba’s possible transfer, crucial for Lozano’s future.

But nothing is written in stone yet regarding Hirving Lozano’s chances to play for Barcelona, as Mino Raiola is trying to mend the relationship with the Catalan club by forcing Paul Pogba’s exit from Manchester United in the near future and get Lozano closer to his dream with the possible outcome of this negotiation. The Italian agent is actually working on a possible double arrival to Barcelona, as Pogba is also eager to play alongside Messi and Hirving really looks like he won’t be able to stay at PSV Eindhoven for one more season given how fast his career in Europe has been growing for the last year. Certainly scoring a goal or more against the Catalan club, would prove that this player is among the biggest young talents in the world right now and many clubs throughout the continent would be keen on giving him a chance to play for their institution. In fact, if Barcelona doesn’t get smart during the next summer transfer window, other clubs could beat them to the punch and sign Hirving from right under their nose. Everybody is going to keep a close eye on the Mexican player this Tuesday, because as his first Champions League group stage match, he is expected to score a goal on his debut as he has done in pretty much every competition he’s ever played for the first time in his career. This kid has the magic touch.

How possible do you see that Hirving Lozano can score a goal against Barcelona on Tuesday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.