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The reason Messi might be angry towards Griezmann

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There is an odd interaction between Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann that we have to explain, we believe there might be a problem.

When the initial reports of Lionel Messi not approaching Antoine Griezmann to greet last weekend started surfacing, we immediately labeled it as sensationalism.

However, we want to make a further analysis of this specific issue between both players because there might be a problem between them after all.

Griezmann came with the goal of playing alongside two of his favorite players in the world, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

The French forward finally made his wish come true this summer, he betrayed the trust of Atletico Madrid fans by taking their money for one full season and then leaving them hanging.

The way he did this was extremely sloppy, and some of the FC Barcelona players took note of his behavior.

One of these players was captain Lionel Messi, who apparently didn’t appreciate Griezmann dissing the club last year when he had a closed deal to transfer with them.

Antoine pulled back on this decision, he made a lot of people angry at the club and then thought everything would be fine if he attempted to sign next year.

But one of the people who didn’t forget about this, was the Argentine player judging on his behavior towards the Frenchman.

If you don’t believe us, let us present you with the evidence on this case.

It all started before the end of last season.

When the rumors of Antoine Griezmann having meetings with FC Barcelona officials started happening, everybody wanted to know what Messi thought about it.

We can’t forget that the Argentine was one of the biggest advocates for the Atletico Madrid player to sign during the summer of 2018, which was right before the World Cup finals.

Leo publicly acknowledged that Griezmann would be a great addition to the Catalan club, then we all know what happened with all the drama that unfolded.

Not too long after that, Griezmann’s France squad eliminated Lionel Messi’s Argentina from the World Cup.

It would be natural that Leo would begin to build some resentment towards the player, given the rejection he initially felt from him.

When the press asked Messi about Griezmann this past season, the Barcelona captain simply limited himself to say that he wouldn’t address Antoine Griezmann’s case in any shape or form.

When Leo spoke about this, he did it in a very serious manner and the press decided to not ask him about it again. But nobody made a huge deal about it, until now.

After signing his contract with Barcelona and leaving Atletico hanging out to dry, Griezmann came thinking that everybody would welcome him without a problem.

Luis Suarez gave him a warm welcome as soon as he was announced, Antoine revealed that he received a text from the Uruguay international.

Griezmann has close connections with the Charruas due to his relationship with many of the Atletico Madrid players, but no text came from Messi.

The Frenchman confirmed that he didn’t receive any communication from Leo.

Cut to last weekend before the Joan Gamper trophy, there were several images in which Messi and Griezmann could’ve interacted and the captain decided to ignore the newbie.

There is a general rumor that Lionel is still waiting for Barcelona to bring his pal Neymar back by his side, he allegedly prefers to play with the Brazilian than Antoine.

But the evidence is clear as day, something’s off between the two stars and they need to fix their problems quickly before the start of the season.

Everybody is looking forward to watching these two monsters playing together, they have the potential to do great things this season.

But then again, all of this could be pure speculation and they will play great together this season.


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