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The reason Paul Pogba should leave Manchester United

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We’ll take you through the main reason why Paul Pogba should leave Manchester United next summer and play for Real Madrid.

Now that Paul Pogba and Manchester United have been eliminated from the Champions League, the French player can make a decision.

It has been a very busy season for the French international since all the competitions started after his magical summer in Russia.

The Manchester United player has been a roller coaster of emotions during different periods of the season in regards to his future at the club.

The first sensations he had due to his terrible relationship with Jose Mourinho pushed him further away from the Red Devils and closer to the Spanish La Liga.

The Portuguese manager’s exit from the club gave Pogba a new lifeline with the club from his childhood and he was suddenly happy out of nowhere.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was able to get the best out of him this season during that period in which the Red Devils were undefeated in all competitions.

Since that magical night at Parc des Princes in which Paul Pogba didn’t even participate, something happened that completely changed our concept about the player.

The midfielder completely changed his energy towards the squad and he stopped performing as well as he had been doing it the weeks before that.

The two events that changed everything

Two important things happened in the span of two days for Paul Pogba’s intentions to remain at the club.

Manchester United lost one of the most crucial matches in search for that Top Four position on March 10.

A day later, Zinedine Zidane got announced as the Real Madrid manager for his second spell.

These two events weren’t a coincidence, this is what Paul Pogba needed to have an excuse to leave again.

Players like this are very common in modern football, they unapologetically move where the sea tide takes them.

Paul Pogba’s agent has been talking directly to Real Madrid since that day and things have drastically changed.

Suddenly Manchester United isn’t a good enough club for the French international and Real Madrid is all he thinks about.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should let the midfielder leave because he only needs players who actually want to be at the club.

The most recent rhetoric that both Pogba and Los Blancos have adopted proves how cynical everything has become for the player.

It’s clear that he has already made his choice and there is nothing the Red Devils can do to stop him from leaving.

Possible Pogba replacements

We can’t say that there are many players in the transfer market who can replace Paul Pogba’s abilities at the moment.

However, we can assure you that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and United’s board of directors already have a plan in motion.

The French player is actively looking for a way out of the English squad and the Red Devils can’t waste any more time thinking that he will stay.

We firmly believe that Manchester United should let Paul Pogba leave the club next summer and start searching for his replacement.

Buying a combo of Gareth Bale and Jadon Sancho doesn’t sound that bad for starters. But the club should be worried about finding a decent midfielder who can fill the void that the World Cup champion will leave after his departure.

If Diario AS’ report turns out to be true about Real Madrid coming after Paul Pogba, it is only a matter of time.

There has never been an instance in which a football club has been able to prevent a player from leaving when he makes his final decision.

The best option for Manchester United is to start looking for the ideal replacement and forget about this player who clearly doesn’t care about them anymore.

How should Manchester United proceed with Paul Pogba? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.