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The reasons Antonio Conte could reject Real Madrid

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We will tell you the main reasons why we believe that manager Antonio Conte could ultimately reject to become the new Real Madrid manager.

The hours after Real Madrid’s painful El Clasico defeat against Barcelona have been frantic, the Spanish press even confirmed that Antonio Conte will become the club’s next manager.

But the Italian boss has many reasons to not accept the job if Florentino Perez decided to hire him after he fires Julen Lopetegui, the next 24 hours will be crucial for the future of the Spanish giants and we are going to give you more details about the possibilities that could transform the club’s immediate events.

For starters, Los Blancos’ board of directors have scheduled a meeting at 5 pm local time to discuss Julen Lopetegui’s exit from the institution.

After Florentino Perez makes a decision, the president will talk directly to the press about his plans for the next week and should announce who will be the manager that is going to sit on the bench for the Copa del Rey match against Melilla on Wednesday.

An initial report from Marca which has been spread out to everywhere else is giving Antonio Conte the job as the new Real Madrid manager but things won’t be that easy, the Italian manager still has doubts about taking the job and with good reason.

For starters, the dressing room’s say on the matter will prove an important obstacle for Antonio Conte to just come in and start imposing his rules inside the club.

Previous experiences with other bosses like Jose Mourinho or Rafael Benitez, have already proven that a disciplinary manager may not be the best answer for a club that has already won everything imaginable.

This alone should be more than enough reason for Antonio Conte to reject the job proposal that Real Madrid has offered him, but the man has reportedly rejected another offer from AC Milan in order to hear what Florentino has to say about this new job opportunity.

The Italian manager is a proven talent who has won many important trophies in both the Serie A and the Premier League, but he still hasn’t been able to win the Champions League with any club throughout his career and his last managerial experience was pretty unsavory.

His time at Chelsea was perfect during the first season, but his relationship with several players quickly started to change and the final season was pure chaos for him and his technical staff.

Another major reason why Antonio Conte might also reject the job, is the fact that this squad might not be up for the task of winning more trophies this season.

We are talking about a group of players who have won four out of the last five Champions League trophies, it sounds weird but some people get tired of winning and feel the need to take a breath.

Maybe president Florentino Perez still hasn’t understood that a squad renovation is in order and some of the most revered players could likely prefer going to another club in the near future in order to find a new meaning to their careers.

When players no longer find the motivation to keep winning, it doesn’t matter which manager comes to help them improve, there is nothing anyone can do to help them and this seems to be the case in Real Madrid.

Antonio Conte can see through this just like Zinedine Zidane saw it last season, which is why he decided to leave before the ship started to sink as it is right now.

Kudos to Zidane who was smart to leave with perfect timing, this left him clear of any type of criticism that he would’ve certainly gotten during this disastrous season.

What do you think Antonio Conte should do, take the Real Madrid job or pass? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.