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The reasons James can fight to win the Ballon d’Or

James Rodriguez
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Let’s look deeper into the reasons we believe that James Rodriguez still has a very good chance of competing for the Ballon d’Or in his career.

Now that another year filled with surprised has passed in the world of football, it’s time to think about players who can put their name in the conversation for the Ballon d’Or with their talent like the case of James Rodriguez. The Colombian forward had a long period of adaptation at Bayern München and he decided to stay in the club instead of going back to Real Madrid after Zidane left, this decision came mostly because he knows that he will be the top player with the German giants and this will give him enough pull to become the best player in the world if his club wins the most important trophies this season. The old legends like Frank Ribery or Arjen Robben are well into their veteran years and they needed a suitable replacement, the Bayern board is convinced that James is that replacement and they have done a great effort to convince him to stay with them for the next season. The machinery of Bayern München is the biggest hope that James has to make his case for the 2019 Ballon d’Or, we are going to tell you the reasons why we believe he can be a good contender for the award.

His relatively young age.

One could think that James is already a veteran player due to all the years he’s been performing in the elite, but the Colombian magician is still only 27 years old and has a good five years of his best football ahead of him. Bayern München is the club that will benefit the best from him because a footballer’s most important years are exactly between 27 and 31, James has a whole top quality squad behind him for support but he is the one who has to make it work with his unique talent. Now that those veterans we discussed will soon retire from the club, it is James’ time to realize that the club will form the project around him for the next five years and he is the one who will have to respond to this new challenge. There is no question that we are about to see the best football from James Rodriguez if injuries respect him because he’s suffered from this before throughout his career.

He plays for a great club and a competitive National Team.

Despite never having won any major trophies in the past, it’s safe to say that Colombia currently has a golden generation that could very well take them far in an important competition while James Rodriguez is still playing there. The best example of this is Luka Modric, who reached the World Cup final but didn’t win it, and yet he still won The Best award last Monday. James has the chance to go far in a competition and also win many trophies for Bayern, this would be more than enough for him to be considered among the best players in the world and eligible to potentially win the Ballon d’Or by the end of the year. All the player needs to do is be that important player for both of his squads, that way he will have the best chances to do it because he is very well surrounded.

A combination of quality and popularity.

We have already established in the past that winning the Ballon d’Or and all the other individual awards, is sometimes a combination of having the best quality as a player, winning trophies and being liked by the people who vote for the best players of any given year. James Rodriguez is already the most revered player in Colombia, but he is also a beloved player throughout Europe and playing in the Bundesliga every week is something that will also help him grow as one of the most popular players in the world. The last World Cup in Brazil, was the perfect moment for him because he left a huge impression in all the fans for the later years of his career both at Bayern München and Real Madrid. Even during his time playing for Los Blancos, James Rodriguez was one of the most celebrated players because people know the incredible talent he has. All he needs now is to prove that he can be the key man for his club and country, James has a unique opportunity during the next years because the Messi/Ronaldo era is coming to an end.

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