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The Santiago Bernabeu jeers Isco and Gareth Bale

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The Santiago Bernabeu gave its verdict, they don’t want Isco or Gareth Bale playing for the club anymore as they jeered them on Saturday.

Any Real Madrid player who accepts the challenge of playing for Los Blancos like Isco and Gareth Bale, knows that one of the biggest challenges they will have to endure is to get approval by the Santiago Bernabeu.

The same stadium that will host the Copa Libertadores final, seems to be one of many that has a mind of its own and a very specific personality.

Every single time that Real Madrid players are not performing as the supporters always demand, the jeering and whistles don’t take long to take a hold of the whole stadium and the players on the receiving end suffer the consequences.

Not even players like Cristiano Ronaldo could change the Bernabeu’s mind, even he suffered the consequences of not being liked by the stadium and even got into some very heated arguments with all the supporters.

If you want to succeed at this mythical stadium, you not only have to get applauded once but on a regular basis.

Any Real Madrid player knows that he cannot rest on his laurels because the most demanding fan base in the world is the one at the Santiago Bernabeu.

This time around, there are two players who are suffering the consequences of angering the fans.

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These footballers are Isco Alarcon and Gareth Bale, both of them were jeered by the Bernabeu this Saturday for very different reasons.

In the Spaniard’s case, this jeer was a way to let him know that he is not being responsible and they want him back to his best form.

We previously reported that Isco is not having the best of relationships with manager Santiago Solari, there was an alleged incident last week in which he denied the boss a handshake and the consequences were devastating for him.

The manager decided to send him to the stands for the Champions League match against AS Roma, this brought everybody to bite their nails about this Saturday against Valencia.

Solari did include Isco on the call-up list, but he decided to leave him on the bench once again. Finally after 80 minutes of the game with the result still in the air, Solari decided to give him the last ten minutes and the key moment of the match came.

As he replaced Dani Ceballos, the whole Santiago Bernabeu started jeering him to let him know that he is not behaving well and he should change his attitude quickly.

The other player’s situation is a little trickier, the Bernabeu is really tired of Gareth Bale’s never-ending injuries that keep popping up in the most untimely moments throughout the season.

This time it seems like a groin injury, but a muscular injury once again. After 63 minutes of the match, Bale showed his signs of pain and Solari quickly got him out to give Marco Asensio his place.

The jeers from the Bernabeu were louder than Isco’s this time, the fans have had enough and many of them already consider Gareth Bale’s situation even worse than Arjen Robben’s from back in the day.

Despite him actually playing a good match against Valencia, it’s the injury what has made most of the fans lose their patience.

This season was the last chance that Gareth Bale was going to get in order to put an end to this injury problem, but it doesn’t seem like it will leave him any time soon.

Scoring important goals in finals is no longer enough for the fans, especially now that Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer in the club and they are in desperate need of a leader who can be constant with his performances.

The Santiago Bernabeu is very wise, it knows when to express itself with perfect timing.

Which of these players has the bigger chance of getting pardoned by the Santiago Bernabeu this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.