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The third time was finally a charm for Jurgen Klopp’s career

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After losing two previous Champions League finals in his career, the third time was finally a charm for German manager Jurgen Klopp.

Before one of Jurgen Klopp’s side played a third Champions League final during the German manager’s career, he accepted his stubbornness for not giving up.

The Liverpool manager coached Borussia Dortmund back in the 2012-13 season and took them all the way to the final, but they lost against Bayern Munich.

Now as the Liverpool manager, Klopp already had two European finals lost and a third one on the horizon.

His third final as a Liverpool manager and a third Champions League final in his professional career.

There was no better day to remember that old saying that goes along the lines of “Third time is a charm”, especially for a genius such as Jurgen Klopp.

Coaching football clubs in such a rock and roll manner must pay off eventually.

This is a perfect opportunity for Jurgen Klopp to remember the words from Arctic Monkeys’ leading man Alex Turner, as he accepted the BRIT Award for Best Rock Album of 2014.

“That Rock & Roll eh, that Rock & Roll it just won’t go away. It might hibernate from time to time and sink back into the swamp,” said Turner during the ceremony.

“I think the cyclical nature of the universe in which it exists demands it adheres to some of its rules.”

“But it’s always waiting there just around the corner, ready to make it’s way back through the sludge and smash through the glass ceiling looking better than ever.”

“Yeah, that Rock & Roll. It seems like it’s fading away sometimes but it will never die, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” finished Turner during his speech.

Klopp represents Rock & Roll in football.

The manner in which Liverpool played this season with an apparently disorderly fashion is the perfect representation of this generous music genre.

We are only getting the initial taste of a squad that will dominate football with this style over the next few years.

Alex Turner might as well be speaking about Liverpool FC in his premonitory speech from five years ago, Liverpool was only waiting in the swamp and waiting for the ideal moment to come back.

It was all thanks to what Jurgen Klopp has been able to take out from these players, he is the man responsible for this Rock & Roll football revolution.

It was only fitting that the first reward Liverpool got with this amazing club filled with tradition was the biggest of them all.

The first trophy he won as the Liverpool manager is the UEFA Champions League on his third try.

But make no mistake, the Reds are also coming for the Premier League next season.

Winning this title will only fill them with an even greater determination, they know that the real target is that elusive league title they haven’t won in 29 years.

After the celebrations are over throughout the next week, Liverpool and Klopp will get a well-deserved rest before going back at it.

There is no rest for the winners, there is only the next target.

Klopp’s reaction after the victory.

“Did you ever see a team like this, fighting with no fuel in the tank? I am so happy for the boys, all these people and my family.”

“They suffer for me, they deserve it more than anybody,” he said. Adding this trophy is important for our development and improvement.”

This little mark helps a lot, now we can carry on. The owners never put pressure on us.” This is unbelievable, maybe the best night of my life,” said Klopp right after the match on BT Sport.

“I’ve said this a lot of times, we spoke about this two days ago. We spoke about my unlucky career,” said Jurgen during the press conference.

“When I hear it I understand why people could see it like this but I don’t feel it, to be honest. I always see the way to a final as well because that is also important for me.”

“I think my life is much better than I ever expected it so winning a trophy for me is cool, but so it’s for all the other people.”

“We will have next year’s Istanbul final as a target for next season, but it will be difficult.”

“By the way, I just spoke on the phone with Pep Guardiola because we had a physio working for Man City at the beginning of the season but he wanted to win the Champions League,” he joked.

“We promised each other already that we would kick our butts next year again, we will go for everything and see if we can get something,” he concluded.

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