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The truth behind the De Bruyne and Courtois fall out

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Kevin De Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois maybe international teammates, but they will never be friends.

The fall out between the two former Chelsea players and Belgian internationals goes back to 2013.

It was such a scandal it threatened to cause incomprehensible division among the Belgian team.

Manager Marc Wilmots considered dismissing the now Real Madrid shot-stopper from the national team.

In an interview reported by scorum.com, the Manchester City man reveals that his compatriot had a relationship with his girlfriend at the time.

While De Bruyne was astounded that he would do such a thing, he did not want it to interfere with football.

Belgian boss Wilmots offered De Bruyne the satisfaction of prematurely ending the keeper’s international career.

The midfielder declined, as he felt as bad as what Courtois had done, it was simply not a football matter.

He said:

“Although I still can not believe what Courtois has done, we continue to work together professionally.”

“The coach asked me if he should leave the team.”

“I do not think I had the right to say that he can not play for the national team anymore because he did something wrong.”

“Of course he remains a good goalkeeper. So I said he could stay.”

De Bruyne has obviously moved on and is now married with a family. His relationship with Courtois remains nothing but professional.

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