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The United States wins its fourth Women’s World Cup

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With goals from Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle, the United States defeated the Netherlands to win their fourth Women’s World Cup in history.

The United States Women’s National Team really has no rival when it comes to the World Cup, they defeated the Netherlands with relative ease and won their fourth ever trophy.

This squad is truly light years above the rest of the other teams at the moment, they are the pioneers of this competition and they are naturally the most developed country in regards to women’s football.

This group of women has transformed soccer in the United States, they are the stars of the country and they’ve surpassed all expectations about them.

As we live in an age that is right in the middle of the #MeToo movement and women’s empowerment, this group really needed a victory of this scale in order to respond to the current government they have.

Captain Megan Rapinoe has been the absolute champion of this squad both on and off the pitch, her and striker Alex Morgan.

These two players were absolutely incredible throughout the competition, there are currently no other female footballers who are at a better level than they are.

By the time the Ballon d’Or comes at the end of 2019, they will be the ones competing for it but Rapinoe has the advantage for what she did during the whole competition.

The impact the captain had completely transcended the game itself, she sets a progressive example to young women all over the world and made her country proud in the process.

Rapinoe truly embodies the qualities that a proper winger should have, she is fast-paced and has a great skill to cut to the middle with intention.

This skill is very rare in the world of football today, few people can do it and have a high percentage of success in every attempt.

After suffering a knock ahead of the semifinal against England and missing the game, Rapinoe came back to play the final without a problem.

The Dutch squad really did make things a bit more complicated for the United States, they weren’t able to find an opening until the second half with only 30 minutes left on the clock.

This opportunity came after a foul was committed on Alex Morgan but the ref couldn’t see it at first glance.

It was thanks to VAR assistance that the United States got awarded a penalty, the replay clearly showed Morgan getting kicked on the shoulder by defender Stephanie van der Gragt.

The captain stepped up to take the shot and she didn’t miss, it was the 1-0 advantage that granted the momentary victory to the US Women’s National Team.

In the celebration right after the penalty, Rapinoe made that already famous stance that looks a little bit like showboating.

The whole country of the US celebrates this goal that comes exactly on July 4th weekend.

Just a few minutes after the initial goal, Rose Lavelle scored the second one that gave his teammates the certainty of having the trophy in the bag.

The Cincinnati native took a pass from Samantha Mewis and transformed it into the second goal after taking a shot from the outskirts of the box.

The Netherlands weren’t able to recover from this second goal, it was clear that the USWNT had no opposition for this tournament.

This is the fourth trophy they win since the tournament was created back in 1991, that’s only eight Women’s World Cups that have been played in history and the US has won half of them.

For the celebrations, the FIFA committee was accompanied by French president Emmanuel Macron and he was the one who delivered the trophies.

Megan Rapinoe received both the Golden Ball and the Golden Boot of the competition. Alex Morgan received the Silver Shoe but she scored 6 goals and provided 3 assists like Rapinoe also did.

We still don’t know why the committee couldn’t simply give out two Golden Boots to both players.

The next step after this new championship is for the women to start demanding better pay for their efforts, this is a massive first step towards that purpose.

The United States Women’s National Team will be the ones who take the first steps towards better living for female professional soccer players all around the world.

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