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The weird side of football: Griezmann on Stranger Things

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A Bengali newspaper showcased a photo from Stranger Things thinking it was of Antoine Griezmann and Samuel Umtiti back when they were kids.

Antoine Griezmann and Samuel Umtiti may have known each other for a long time but they were not in Stranger Things.

However, that’s a fact that was unknown to a Bangladesh-based newspaper.

As it happened, a Bengali newspaper was simply bewitched by the similarity between the Barca duo and Dustin and Lucas from the award-winning web series. Clearly the editors never had the time to watch Netflix or do some research.

And although Griezmann and Umtiti are the best of friends, the image was definitely not the most accurate one given that it was taken from a set of Stranger Things.

And in what we would just call a moment of madness or lack of research or just not having enough time to watch one of the best Sci-Fi series of all time, the Bengali newspaper simply published something.

And though negative publicity is also a thing, the newspaper’s blunder started making rounds on the internet. The post eventually reached Antoine Griezmann who unlike the newspaper, is apparently a big fan of Stranger Things.

The new Barcelona signing saw the funny side of it.

Rather than losing his head over it (and who would have blamed him if he had), the forward shared the post on Instagram with the caption “New actors for the best series”.

And with that, Griezmann sent his fans into hysterics along with Umtiti who also tweeted the post.

And while everything is not perfectly alright in Griezmann’s world given that he is part of a controversy between his current and former clubs, it is definitely great to know that he is not letting it ruin his mood.

And while the editor-in-chief of the Bengali newspaper would be facing some heat for that (or not given that the blunder has put the paper on the map), it definitely would be one of the Stranger Things that could happen to someone at some point in their lives.