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The world’s most valuable XI in football

The world's most valuable XI in football
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With player transfer prices on the rise, it’s time to check out the world’s most valuable combined XI in football.

From Paul Pogba to Neymar in the last three years, transfer prices have hit record highs in football. They will probably continue to rise as well, with teams desperate to add only the best to their respective XI.

Last summer saw top clubs spend big yet again in the transfer market. The expensive signing was Joao Felix on a cool €126m to Atletico Madrid to replace Antoine Griezmann.

The Barcelona man, in fact, came second in the most expensive signings of 2019 on €120m. While Eden Hazard completed the top-three through his €100m transfer to Real Madrid.

Manchester United newbie Harry Maguire was fourth on €87m and Matthijs de Ligt of Juventus came fifth in €85.50m.

Funny enough, though, not one of these players made this combined XI of the world’s most valuable players!

Check it out here in a 4-2-3-1 formation.