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There was a “positive” to come out of Southampton’s 9-0 loss

Hassenhuttl, Ferguson
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Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl reveals an unexpected positive that came out of his side’s nine-nil defeat to Leicester.

It’s pretty hard to take anything positive out any loss nevermind a nine-nil drubbing. But Southampton’s Ralph Hasenhuttl reveals how it led to some unexpected inspiration and encouragement.

October 25th, 2019 will be a day in football neither Southampton nor Leicester City will ever forget.

In the Saints case, it is for all the wrong reasons. It is the kind of result that can cost a manager their job in today’s crazy world of football.

The St. Mary’s boss, Hasenhuttl admits you don’t take too many positives if any from that kind of game. However, he personally got an unexpected surprise that would have never come about but for what took place in that game.

Speaking to Sky Sports he said:

“I received an SMS from Alex Ferguson.”

I didn’t know him. If I had never lost 9-0 I would have never had contact with him.”

“That was the positive thing from the result.”

“It really helped me. It gave me a lift as I was down and was looking for something to hold onto.”

The return fixture at the King Power Stadium saw his side beat Brendan Rodgers’ side. Even if it was not quite as emphatic it gave him some satisfaction at least.

He added:

“I will have to live with this result my whole life.”

“But when we won 2-1 in the rematch, the story is a good one. It’s helped me become a more experienced manager.”

Such was the fallout from the game, that the entire Southampton team donated their salaries from that week to charity.