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There will be no midweek rest for Cristiano Ronaldo

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Just hours before Juventus’ match against Spezia, we tell you why Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be able to get some rest during the midweek fixture. 

Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be able to rest during a key midweek fixture as Juventus had intended for today. The Bianconeri haven’t been as sharp as Andrea Pirlo expected in any competition and Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who has to carry the squad on his shoulders. Initially, the manager’s idea was to rest the star during relatively easier matches such as today’s game against Spezia.

However, this was only a possibility if Juventus could lead the competition with good results. Due to the latest poor level of performance from the rest of the squad, Cristiano is the one who has to deal with the consequences. Instead of resting today against Spezia, the Portuguese player will have to start in order to get three much-needed points in Serie A. Juventus simply can’t keep dropping opportunities like the one from last weekend against Hellas Verona. 

Ronaldo can’t carry Juventus on his own. 

Out of Juventus’ last five matches in all competitions, they only managed to win one against Crotone. Even though Ronaldo is currently the Serie A’s top scorer, he can’t do everything on his own. We previously revealed the frustration he is going through and how he is venting with some of his compatriots after every match they fail to win.

If his teammates don’t start delivering results ASAP, Cristiano will have no other choice but to leave Juventus by the end of the current season. There are plenty of other football clubs that will receive Ronaldo with open arms should he decide to leave Italy. Today’s match against Spezia will be crucial for the Bianconeri in an already complicated season. Cristiano leads the starting line-up with several top players by his side.