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There’s a chance Ronaldo might be trapped at Juventus

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Simply by judging at his recent behavior, we believe there might be a chance Cristiano Ronaldo could be trapped as a Juventus player. 

There might be an argument to think Cristiano Ronaldo is currently trapped at Juventus and we’ll tell you the reason why. Even though his arrival in Serie A might be the single most important event to happen over the last 20 years. There’s good reason to believe his time in Italy wasn’t that beneficial for either side. When he decided to leave the warmth and comfort at Real Madrid, nobody told Ronaldo the risk he was taking.

Juventus’ ecosystem is in no way comparable to what he had in Spain but it took him these last years to realize that. There was still some hope for him to probably return to the club next summer but Florentino Perez’s recent statement completely killed his chances of a triumphant return. Before this took place last week, there were other clubs as possible options for him to take. But getting publicly rejected by Real Madrid puts him in a delicate position with no leverage. 

Should Ronaldo leave Juventus? 

Judging on how Juventus has performed over the last three years in the Champions League, the short answer is yet. However, the Bianconeri can always recover that competitive spirit if they sign the ideal manager with more experience. Also, Andrea Pirlo’s current inexperience might be one of the most important reasons Juventus haven’t done well this season.

As one of the most powerful clubs in Europe, the Old Lady still has a massive roster with several world-class players with Ronaldo as the cherry on top. Losing that leverage can only be positive for the club because that way he won’t think leaving will be as easy as he thought it was. Last but not least, we also need to keep in mind Andrea Agnelli’s plans for Ronaldo in the near future. Certainly, keeping his best player with the club’s survival in mind has to be a top priority for him. Allowing him to leave might not even be part of his plans.