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“They are a bunch of cowards,” McClean says about England’s football authorities

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The Irish player believes they don’t know how to handle sectarian abuse in the sport and that he’s being targeted for not wearing a poppy.

This year, there were many racist incidents in the different divisions of English football.

And even at the national team level, players like Raheem Sterlin and Danny Rose suffered from these incidents.

Which is why Republic of Ireland international James McClean has called the football authorities in England “cowards” and “hypocrites.”

He sees them getting awards, while McClean decided not to wear a poppy in the past, and he’s been targeted for this.

“Do you want the god honest truth,” McClean asked according to The Extra Time.

“They’re a bunch of cowards, the footballing authorities. They’re a bunch of hypocrites.”

“[Raheem] Sterling’s getting ‘Sterling’s this and Sterling’s that’ and he’s getting awards,” he explained how the abuse he has received and his level of football is not being thanked.

“What I get week-in, week-out, compared to what he’s got maybe one game, for the last seven or eight years, there hasn’t been a word.”

“They’re a bunch of hypocrites and a bunch of cowards,” he added.

“After we contacted them first, Kick it Out, I got a measly statement because there was a lot of pressure on them, which meant nothing, to be honest.”

“To put it bluntly, I’m a white Irishman and that doesn’t matter to them. This kind of thing happened to Neil Lennon, didn’t it?” he said.

“He gets abuse about being Irish and nobody does anything. The proof is in the pudding, isn’t it? If you’re a white Irishman, nobody cares.”

“To be honest, it’s just water off a duck’s back now. It’s going on the last seven or eight years now, so for me, it’s water off a duck’s back,” McClean concluded.