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Thiago Silva calls Coutinho to play to make Brazil proud

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Neymar Jr. will not feature in the 2019 Copa America, which means Philippe Coutinho will have to step up to the plate.

Neymar Jr. will not play in the 2019 Copa America for Brazil after he was reported with an injury.

And the hosts of the 2019 edition will have to think how to manage that absence.

But for Thiago Silva everything is clear: it is Philippe Coutinho who will have to step up to the plate to deliver for the Brazilians.

“The collective game comes first,” Silva told Fox Sports.

“Coutinho had a difficult season in Barcelona.”

“It was demanding and they booed him many times, but here in the team he is our reference, especially when we don’t have Neymar,” he said.

“Coutinho calls for the game.”

“In the two friendlies, we played he was the best player on the pitch, not only because of passes and goals but also with his defense. He is finding his happiness again,” he added.

“I’m very happy and not at all comfortable talking about this player because we are very close.”

Thiago Silva concluded: “In the first friendly, I tried to pass him some calmness, and I told Neymar also to give him help.”

“We need him, especially now with the absence of Neymar.”