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Thiago Silva thinks Leo Messi is the best player in history


Ahead of the crucial semifinal match between Brazil and Argentina, Thiago Silva surprised everybody by deeming Leo Messi as the best ever.

Even though we keep hearing several players around the world talking about how Leo Messi is the best player in history, hearing a Brazilian like Thiago Silva is odd.

Generally, players from the Brazil National Team tend to mention Pele or Ronaldo Nazario as the best player in history.

We don’t usually hear them mentioning another player in this category, let alone a player from Argentina.

But Thiago Silva broke this rule on Saturday, he spoke about Lionel Messi as the best player in football history and left all his compatriots with their jaws on the floor.

The Argentina captain is currently trying to get that ticket to the Copa America final, he will face Brazil at Mineirao Stadium on Tuesday.

One of the players who will face Leo is Silva himself, the PSG defender could’ve mentioned someone else as the best ever but he didn’t.

Thiago spoke to the press about the upcoming match between Brazil and Argentina, he was directly asked about Messi and he was honest in his response.

However, perhaps the fans didn’t like hearing one of their own not mentioning a Brazilian’s name as the best player in history.

People from that country pride themselves on mentioning Pele as the very best, but Silva didn’t listen to the constant traditions that take place in Brazil.

Pele did win three World Cups throughout his career with Brazil, he even scored just under 800 official career goals for both his club and country.

The problem here is that King Pele played football in a different era, we don’t know how well he would’ve played with the defenders as good as they are right now.

Silva only responded according to the modern era, Messi really is the ultimate football player in anybody’s eyes.

We can also include Cristiano Ronaldo in this category, but Messi does surpass him if you count their careers at the same age.

We feel sorry for all those Ronaldo fanboys who read us here every day, Messi will have better stats and possibly many more trophies than Cristiano when he retires.

Thiago Silva could’ve easily mentioned the Portuguese player in this category but he decided not to for a reason.

The truth is that Messi has no rival in modern football, and we will never know for sure if Pele is better than Leo.

You can talk about Edson Arantes do Nascimento’s World Cup titles during the old era.

The man never played in Europe and he only performed at a top level in a single World Cup out of the three he won.

Thiago Silva is a Brazilian player, yes. But the PSG star is a footballer from the modern era and he can only tell you about his experience of watching Messi playing football.

“What does Messi mean to me? He is the best player in football history, the best I ever saw playing football,” said Silva via Diario Ole.

“Facing Leo Messi is always a privilege for me, we will have him right in front of us next week and we’ll try to stop him.”

“He is the best player in the world and we have to expect him to wake up against us. We need to be extra careful with him when we have the ball and when we don’t.”

“It’s true that he tends to walk a lot during a game but he is always looking for spaces in order to create opportunities or initiate a counter-attack.”

“From my point of view, we are still facing Argentina on Tuesday. Even if they are not going through the best moment in their recent history, Argentina will always be Argentina.”

“They will try to play their own game and we will do the same. We need to remain aggressive and solid when they are coming to attack us.”

“But we especially need to be sharp when Messi takes the ball, he is a different player.”

“We hope we are the ones who have a great night, we expect it to be different than the one against Paraguay.”

“Our idea is to get a victory in the first 90 minutes, but we need to perform well in order to accomplish that,” he concluded.

What do you think about a Brazilian player deeming Messi as the best player in history? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.