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Thierry Henry became Arsenal’s top-scorer 14 years ago

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We go back in time to the 2005-06 season and celebrate Thierry Henry, who became Arsenal’s top scorer 14 years ago to this day.

The 2005-06 season was special to Thierry Henry for several reasons, we talk about one of them today as he became the all-time top scorer in the Gunners‘ history.

It happened during a UEFA Champions League match against Sparta Prague, Henry came in from the Bench and scored a brace that helped Wenger’s team continue with an undefeated start of the season.

This year was arguably one of the most important for the French striker as a Gunner, but the most important is obviously the ‘Invincibles’ season.

After that, perhaps this was the year in which ‘Titi’ finally convinced himself that he wouldn’t be able to win the European tournament with the Gunners.

This was a truly heartbreaking year for the legend, mainly because this was also the year in which he surpassed Ian Wright at the top of the all-time’s goal-scoring table for the Gunners.

A mix of emotions that nearly ended with the Champions League trophy, but FC Barcelona had to get in the way of this possible success.

The first goal he scored against Sparta came after an assist from Pires, this was the one that matched Wright’s record with Arsenal.

But the second meant that Henry would get into the club’s history forever, as it was the 186th goal of his already brilliant career as a Gunner.

So many magical nights and afternoons that Henry lived as an Arsenal player, that had to end up with this record and get him into English football history for the rest of his life.

We recently wrote about the best French players in Premier League history, and what Thierry Henry did surpasses anything that came before him.

Eric Cantona had the throne before ‘Titi’ but it didn’t take long for everybody to realize what a fantastic generational talent he was.

In fact, we even dare say that Henry is arguably the best player in Premier League history, period.

There have been other great candidates for this title such as Sergio Aguero, Cantona, Wayne Rooney, and also Didier Drogba.

But we have to stick with Henry at the very top of the most spectacular and prolific players who ever performed in the new format of the English competition.

Being able to become a major club’s all-time top scorer is an honor that very few can achieve during their career, Henry will be in every football fan’s memories even after he is no longer around.

It’s hard to accept that it’s already been 14 years since that happened, I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Henry’s evolution when he arrived at Arsenal.

By the time Thierry Henry left Arsenal, that record was obliterated as he managed to leave the impressive number of 228 goals in all competitions.

Ian Wright still holds second place to this day, as no other player in recent years has come close to those numbers.

But the most incredible aspect of this historic record that the Frenchman broke 14 years ago, is the way in which Arsene Wenger managed to see Henry’s full potential before it happened.

When he arrived to play for the Gunners, Thierry wasn’t even a striker and he was struggling to find his ideal position on the pitch.

As soon as the gaffer saw him play, he immediately decided to allow him freedom on the pitch.

English football history changed completely after Wenger made this decision, nothing would ever be the same for the player and his club.

This is where we got a second taste of the new breed of super strikers that Ronaldo Nazario teased us with back in the late ’90s, Henry is the same type of player.

After the Frenchman left his better days behind, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo arrived to follow the tradition.

Players like Thierry Henry appear once every generation, he is a bonified Arsenal and football legend without question.

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