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Thierry Henry talks about the lockdown life

Thierry Henry
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Thierry Henry reveals what life is like away from friends, family, and how he will assess his players while on coronavirus lockdown in Montreal.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry reveals what his life now entails being stuck at home on coronavirus lockdown.

In an interview reported by Goal, the retired striker admits he is not used to spending so much time at home and is picking up some new skills.

He said:

“I wake up, work out, cook, relax a bit, go back to work out.”

“Sometimes I will watch some games that I’ve seen some. Sometime I will just relax. Cook again at night.” 

“One thing that I’ve noticed is it seems like you need to clean the house every two minutes.”

“Usually you’re not at home so you’re not cooking that much, so you always have to wash the dishes and clean the house.”

“Other than that, I try to take care of myself obviously and be in shape. I didn’t do that for a very long time, but yeah, that’s it.”

Forever the motivated champion, the World Cup winner insists he will have a clear picture of what his players are really about based on the kind of shape they return in.

Henry sees a player’s ability to stay in top shape and motivated when left to your own devices as very revealing of their character.

He added:

“You have to trust them, give them information, give them exercises that they need to do.”

“When they come back, if you are a champion and you are a competitor, you will come back fit because that’s what drives you and that’s how you should be at the end of the day.”

Henry is the ultimate competitor in everything he does, as a player, a coach, and of course while on lockdown. Who remembers his toilet paper challenge?