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This is Barcelona’s only real offer to PSG for Neymar

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According to L’Equipe’s printed issue from this Tuesday, FC Barcelona has only made a single verbal offer for Neymar and here it is.

Now that we know for sure that Neymar told PSG he wants to leave, all the player needs is a serious offer from FC Barcelona.

There were rumors of a possible €150 million offer plus Ousmane Dembele or Philippe Coutinho, but those rumors weren’t accurate.

After Neymar finished his meeting with Leonardo on Monday, it was evident that the player expressed his desire to leave.

However, the French giants insisted that the Catalan club simply doesn’t have the economic power to take on his transfer.

In order to further understand what Leonardo means by this, we need to explain how the Spanish club’s finances work at the moment.

So far, Barcelona signed three important players to the club. One of them is Frenkie de Jong for €85 million, another one is Antoine Griezmann for €130 million, and the also signed Neto from Valencia for €18 million.

If you are good with numbers, you will realize that Barcelona already spent €233 million for only three players.

If you add Wague and Cucurella’s arrivals as well, you get a grand total of €248 million in total just for purchased players.

This is already a massive spending spree that FC Barcelona has done in the summer transfer window, Neymar is completely out of the question.

Barcelona’s chances to sell players.

The Catalan club already sold 8 players for a combined total of €106,4 million, which is not much compared to what they have spent already.

Barcelona is still trying to sell several players during the transfer window, their intention is to possibly get rid of names such as Malcom, Rafinha, Samuel Umtiti, and Nelson Semedo.

The cases of Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coutinho are the ones that we can’t define very well yet.

Both players are considered essential for the Catalan club’s future, but the information from L’Equipe according to Diario Sport reveals that the board is seriously considering to offer them both in exchange for Neymar.

The only verbal offer that’s been disclosed to far is €40 million, plus both of these players for the Brazilian.

The French journal confirmed that the negotiations for the star have intensified in the last few hours, another clue could be Thomas Tuchel’s latest statement about the player.

PSG just played its first pre-season game, they defeated Dynamo Dresden 6-1 with two goals from Kylian Mbappe.

The German manager was questioned about Neymar’s desire to leave, his response confirms every single rumor.

“Yes, we knew that,” said Tuchel via The Mirror.

“I don’t know what will happen now as it is between the club and Neymar. I am calm and do not interfere, it is not my subject.”

“I am the coach and he is my player so I was disappointed with his absence last week, that is clear.”

“If he is in the changing room, he is my player and I will work with him. “But I am ready for everything and we have to be flexible.”

This confirmation from Tuchel goes hand in hand with the whole situation, it is clear that Neymar is doing everything he can to return to Barcelona.

The player decided to travel with the club to Asia, which is considered a gesture of goodwill from him in order to soften the French club’s position to not accept anything less than €300 million.

Paris Saint-Germain could benefit from the chance of having both Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele on their side, those are two great players.

The problem here is that Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s pride has been tampered with and he wants some retribution.

At this point, this chairman doesn’t care where Neymar ends up and he only wants to watch him go through a difficult time.

There are some previous examples of other PSG players rebelling against the system and things didn’t go well for them.

The difference now is that Neymar has a lot more power than any of those players, he has more wiggle room to negotiate better for his future.

We will see if PSG eventually agrees to accept this offer from FC Barcelona, two good players for Neymar doesn’t sound that bad at all.

Where will Neymar end up next season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.