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This is funny – Morelos brake tampering takes an unlikely turn

Alfredo Morelos, Rangers
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The police investigation into the possible brake tampering of Rangers Alfredo Morelos’ car has taken a funny if not unlikely turn.

Only the other day Rangers forward Morelos had his car towed away to be checked by police. This was after he chased off a man he caught under his car doing what he suspected was tampering with his brakes.

The Scottish police took the matter very seriously and were trying to track down the individual and had some serious charges to lay on him.

The culprit heard about the seriousness of the investigation and turned himself in.

It turns out he was no vandal, and definitely not trying to cut the brakes on Morelos’ car.

The truth behind it will leave you in stitches.šŸ¤£

It was a private investigator hired by Morelos’ wife Yensia to track the football star.

Apparently Alfredo’s pregnant wife is a little suspicious of her husband and some of his whereabouts.

Speaking to The Record the Police broke the news of what had actually happened.

They said:

“After taking legal advice, he [the suspect] thought the best thing to do was hand himself into police and give his side of the story.”

“He told officers he is a professional investigator who was hired by Morelos’ wife.”

I have one question why did his wife not come clean when all this happened?