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This is great – Atalanta fan sends “cultural-historical” note so son can miss school

Atalanta, Serie A
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Sorry, Eduardo is an Atalanta fan and can’t come to school today, there is an important football match taking place just would not suffice.

Atalanta is making history tonight as they are playing in the knock out stages of the Champions League. It also happens to be in their debut season in the competition.

Fans both young and old are making the most of the historic event.

The game, however, is on a weeknight and a school day. Atalanta is playing Valencia at the Milan San Siro stadium. So serious travel arrangements are having to be made for home fans as well as visitors.

There will be those fans who take off early from work, and even pull a sicky to catch the game.

But this pupil at a Bergamo school got the seal of approval from his father. Dad made sure the teacher knew the severity of the matter.

In all honesty, a brief apology and he won’t be in would have done the job.

But dad wanted to make sure that the teacher knew Edirado was not missing school for any old reason. He was going on an educational excursion.

According to Football Italia, he wrote:

“We inform you that this afternoon Edoardo will be absent from class for cultural-historical reasons.”

” He will be experiencing a page in the history books of Bergamo along with his Dad.”

“Forza Atalanta!”

This excuse is apparently met with state approval after the mayor of the town posted it on Twitter.

All we know about the little fella is his name is Eduardo and he and his dad love Atalanta.

Enjoy your field trip, Eduardo!