This is the best thing I have ever done: Phil Neville

The England women’s national team manager explains why he loves his job and how he adapted to coaching women.

England women’s national team is set to play in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup starting tomorrow when they play against Scotland.

They will also play against Argentina and Japan in the Group Stage.

And for manager Phil Neville, this is the best thing he has ever done in his life.

“Taking England to the Women’s World Cup this summer is the biggest thing that I’ve ever done in my professional life,” he wrote in The Guardian.

“Throughout my whole career as a player, I dreamed about going to a World Cup.”

“Now, I have the opportunity to go to one as the England women’s manager, with 23 unbelievably talented footballers who are desperate for success,” he added.

“Standing on the touchline as their manager fills me with incredible pride.”

He explained: “I prepared for it as I’ve never prepared for any meeting in my life.”

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“I wanted it to be slick and smooth, but I also wanted to be myself – to be authentic.”

“We spoke a lot in that first meeting about winning,” he continued.

“And not just winning the World Cup, the Olympics or the European Championship. It was about winning every single day.”

Neville continued saying: “Management is all-encompassing. That’s something I’ve learned since starting this job.”

“I find it very difficult to switch off. I can be at the cinema or out for a meal with my wife and I’m thinking constantly about what my players are doing.”

“How are they playing? Are they fit? Are they doing their recovery?” he concluded.


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