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This is the winning mentality the manager taught Chile

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Ahead of the crucial semifinal against Peru, Arturo Vidal revealed the method that manager Reinaldo Rueda has to motivate the Chile players.

Chile has been under three different managers throughout the three Copa America titles they have played, the latest manager needed a new motivation for their mentality.

Reinaldo Rueda came as a man with a very specific plan for his players, his intention was clear when he first arrived.

The man knew that he needed to make these players forget about their recent two trophies because football has a short memory span, and so do supporters.

Even though they are a golden generation, this Chile squad was beginning to show cracks in their game.

It was evident that a new motivation was needed, this is why the Chilean Football Federation signed Rueda.

This is a coach who is considered a specialist in managing groups and works great as a motivational speaker, the risk has worked perfectly so far.

Rueda saw how his players eliminated the national team from his home country, they did it through the penalty spot.

This Chile squad is a specialist in shootouts, they are only one match away from playing their third consecutive Copa America final.

This amazing feat is attributed by the players to their new manager, Reinaldo Rueda came to change the Chile squad’s mentality.

One would think these stars would’ve slept on their laurels, but they only got motivated with this new challenge.

The secret lies on Rueda’s demands to the players, he wants them to remain grounded and humble at all times.

It doesn’t matter if they won the last two Copa America titles, Rueda wants them to remember themselves as the team that got eliminated before the 2018 World Cup played in Russia last summer.

“Our manager taught us many things,” said vidal via Diario Ole.

“He taught us how to deal with the press first. He also taught us to remain calm in difficult moments, to tell each other the truth by looking at each other in the eye.”

“But what he taught us the most was that we are not the two-times  Copa America champions, we are the team that got eliminated from the World Cup.”

“The match against Peru will be very complicated. We have to remain focused on the defense.”

“They have Paolo Guerrero, who knows how to play with four defenders covering him. We will try to be careful.”

“We must move the ball as much as we can, and try to use the spaces we create when we get them. Reinaldo Rueda’s work has been great.”

“Managing a group like this one is very difficult and he has done it perfectly. He took responsibility after we didn’t qualify to the World Cup and the results from his work are evident now.”

“I think his tactical job is more evident right now. We have changed a little, but we have worked with different systems in order to face any national team without a problem.”


Chile is one step from making history.

We all know that this Chilean squad is already a historic one after winning two consecutive Copa America titles, but we could witness more history in the making.

They have to defeat Ricardo Gareca’s Peru first, but doing so could open a huge possibility for them.

Reaching this final could mean that they will play their third consecutive one, this would be a first for them in history.

However, there is another detail that could rock the foundations of this Copa America.

We could witness a third straight final with the same protagonists if Argentina gets to beat the Brazil National Team at Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte.

Chile could get a new opportunity to win this competition against the very same rival, but it doing it for the third straight time won’t be easy.

This squad proved that it has what it takes to get that far, they did it when they defeated Colombia in the penalty shootout.

Chile wasn’t the favorite against the Colombian squad but they completely killed all the odds in that quarterfinal match.

Will Chile make it to the Copa America final for the third consecutive time? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.