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Thomas Tuchel understands Klopp’s frustration

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After the victory against Liverpool, manager Thomas Tuchel expressed that he completely understands why Klopp might be frustrated.

Jürgen Klopp’s reaction after losing a crucial game against PSG this Wednesday is something that has left people shocked, but Thomas Tuchel wasn’t surprised because he considers a reaction like this is normal after you lose a match.

The Liverpool manager spoke to the press after the match to express his anger because PSG wasted valuable time in the most important moments for the English team, but they French squad played within the confines of the rules of the game and what they did is in no way considered cheating.

Although it might come across against Fair Play rules, anything goes in a match as important as the one that was played at Parc des Princes this Wednesday.

Paris Saint-Germain has one last chance to remain alive in the competition and not make a fool of themselves after spending so much money in only two players, Tuchel understood that a victory was imperative to save his job and he would go to any lengths to take that win.

But in football there are different types of managers, ones who honor the Fair Play and the ones who don’t really have time to follow protocol.

Jürgen Klopp has always preached the most honorable of traditions in the sport, he is a simple man with convictions who will never accept having his players get dirty when they need to win the game.

This different philosophy is exactly what brought him to a visceral reaction after the match, in which he complained mostly about Neymar.

But Tuchel was diplomatic in his understanding of this reaction: “When I lose a big game I am angry and always in a bad mood, and I will talk about other stuff to bring attention away from my team also,” said Tuchel via The Mirror.

“I hear Jurgen has his opinion and that’s fine. I’m talking about the game. I don’t feel it is such a big issue. We suffered a lot of fouls.”

“You don’t have to commit a lot of fouls, especially if you are 1-0 down. If you are 1-0 down then don’t commit 10 fouls in the next 10 minutes.”

“I didn’t experience it this way around. If it is a big match and you lose then I am always in a bad mood. So if he was, then I understand. I know him very well and I don’t take this personally,” he added.

This victory doesn’t mean that the whole competition is saved for Paris Saint-Germain, they still have one more final to play before securing their spot in the Round of 16.

The will have to make a complicated trip to Belgrade where they will face Red Star in December, many of the players who celebrated their victory last night should also be aware that considering this victory as winning the whole war will mean nothing if they don’t get to win that final match.

All PSG did by defeating Liverpool, was to ensure that their qualification to the next round depends only on what they do and not in what happens in the other match between Napoli and Liverpool at Anfield Road.

It was okay to celebrate this win because of how important it was for the squad’s confidence, but Tuchel should advice all his players that they have a lot of work left in order to achieve that next objective.

After what they showed against the Reds, Paris Saint-Germain also proved that they are still far from the clubs that are playing better football than anybody else in the competition. There is still work to be done, this is far from over.

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