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Three players certain to leave Barcelona

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The reigning Spanish champions have failed to find the perfect formula for their dressing room and are looking to get rid of deadbeat squad members.

Put anyone beside Lionel Messi and the Argentine would make them better. Neymar left Santos and said no to Chelsea’s rebuilding around him, to play alongside La Pulga.

And when the Brazilian forward left, he left Camp Nou is disarray. It has been three years and they have yet to find a replacement. Ousmane Dembele could not. Neither did Philippe Coutinho.

World Cup winner, Antoine Griezmann, was supposed to buck the trend but he remains helpless. Neither Messi nor Suarez look him in the eye, and he is left isolated in Catalonia.

Here are the three players who are stranded at Camp Nou and are looking for a way out.