Three reasons why Lopetegui must leave Real Madrid

We tell you the three main reasons why Julen Lopetegui needs to step down as the Real Madrid manager after El Clasico painful defeat.

After El Clasico disaster, Spanish manager Julen Lopetegui should have a little pride and step down as the Real Madrid manager.

This is a given. The previous weeks before this match were already speaking loudly about Los Blancos not being able to make a huge difference against any rival, there were very few chances of success against a top-tier squad such as FC Barcelona and the obvious culprit was going to be Julen Lopetegui.

The Spanish manager has possibly offered one of the most deplorable images of any Real Madrid manager in the Florentino Perez era, from any term.

It’s evident that Julen is going to be the perfect escape goat and it’s very unlikely that he will last in the position through next week, but we need to talk about the reasons why we think that Julen Lopetegui needs to step down as the Real Madrid manager because not everything is his fault.

The top players betrayed him

After coming from five years of practically winning everything, it was quite obvious that the players weren’t going to have the same type of motivation in a season where they had to confront all competitions without both Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo.

But apart from the absence of important figures from previous seasons, the players who still remain in the club are the ones who should take part of the blame for this utter disaster.

Lopetegui doesn’t need to have players like these, who seem to have lost their motivation completely without realizing that the first casualty is the manager himself.

If we could give you some names, we would mention Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Marco Asensio, and especially Raphael Varane who made many mistakes this Sunday against FC Barcelona.

Florentino Perez

It’s kind of weird that despite the very difficult moment the club is going through, Real Madrid supporters are still unable to see that president Florentino Perez is one of the biggest reasons why this is happening.

Marco Verratti,

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Julen Lopetegui’s main enemy this season has been the president, they haven’t been able to find a proper connection and whatever starts on the wrong foot, usually doesn’t end well.

The president should’ve left Julen alone during the World Cup without distracting him with any offers to become the Real Madrid manager, it’s clear who the mastermind and villain of this story is the president but he will always get away with anything because that’s how the world works with any company.

The people who move the strings never take responsibility for anything they do, the way in which Julen’s career has been taken off the rails is truly disgraceful.

Poor management of new arrivals

Finally, we do have to give Julen Lopetegui his fair share of responsibility for this horrific moment that Real Madrid is going through.

However, if you think that we are going to criticize him for his tactics you might be wrong because his mistakes had a lot more to do with player management than anything else.

Apart from the obvious disconnect he had with the top players in the squad, Lopetegui’s poor decisions with the recently transferred players are the main reason why things didn’t work the way he wanted.

The loudest mistake from the manager was to not use Vinicius or Mariano as much as he probably should’ve, especially the Brazilian who is an obviously talented player and could’ve made a big difference in matches like the one they lost today.

In fact, we could even make the argument that Lopetegui practically got himself sacked by not including Vinicius in the list for this game after the club fought to appeal the suspension he was carrying.

If nothing weird happens, Julen Lopetegui won’t be the manager for the club’s next match.

What other points would you add to the list of reasons Julen Lopetegui must step down as the Real Madrid manager? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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