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Tite refuses to reveal if he gave advice to Neymar or not

Tite, Neymar, Brazil
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The Brazil national team boss said in his press conference that “whatever is good for Neymar, I will never say publicly.”

Once again Brazil national team manager Tite was asked about his superstar Neymar.

And the coach refused to say what kind of advice, if any, he has given to the Paris Saint-Germain man.

“Whatever is good for Neymar, I will never say publicly,” Tite was quoted by Goal.

“But we can do it here in the national team. In the areas that are competent to us, the 10 days we are here, we always try to create situations that are good for him and for selection.”

The coach added: “Not primarily for one or the other. Because I also understand that he is top three worldwide.”

“Thanks to God, he stayed,” teammate Thiago Silva said about Neymar.

“We are very happy that he remains because our goal is very big. Everyone knows it, it’s the Champions League. It is clear that we can not achieve our dream without great players.”

“If we had let Neymar go, it would have been a great loss for us,” he commented.

“They don’t have to beat us up but play to show that they are better. We have to play a great game since we have been working under pressure.”

“The ideal would be to have friendly against European teams, but there is a calendar problem and sometimes it is incompatible,” he concluded.