Toni Kroos was close to a United move in 2014

German footballer Toni Kroos was close to signing for the Red Devils, but David Moyes’s dismissal ended up costing him the transfer.

Toni Kroos won the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil with the German national team.

And the former Bayern Munich player was set to join Manchester United under David Moyes’ management.

But the Scot’s dismissal made the deal not happen.

“I knew before that Manchester wanted me,” Kroos told the Bleacher Report.

“And Moyes underlined that absolutely. It was a really nice afternoon with very nice people.”

“We talked a lot about United’s footballing plan which convinced me. In the end, we agreed to do it. We agreed verbally.

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“I am not somebody who worries about contingencies. Yes, it was close. I almost went to Manchester United. But it did not happen that way,” he added.

“One thing I can say for sure: Manchester United would not have won the Champions League three times.”

The German concluded: “Manchester United is not a club you go to for a short while. Manchester United is too big for a year or two. This is not a club to end your career.”

“Since both the player and the club must have a clear idea—I signed with Real Madrid until 2023.”


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