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Too funny – Cool Jose understands United nutter Neville

gary neville, jose mourinho
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Jose Mourinho was as cool as a cucumber and totally understanding as mid-interview Gary Neville goes nuts in the background at David De Gea’s howler.

Gary Neville no longer plies his trade on the football field. He now finds himself in the stands or a studio working as a pundit.

He spent his entire footballing career playing for his boyhood club Manchester United.

Neville is still a die-hard fan of his beloved Red Devils. He often takes a lot of stick for his difficulty in separating his new job from his old.

Today Neville was a pundit for Sky Sports. He was attending the Spurs versus Chelsea match.

In a designated room at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, a pre-match interview was being conducted with Jose Mourinho.

Little did the audience know, but Neville was watching United in the background.

When David De Gea did the unthinkable, Neville went nuts and began to rant and rave.

The interviewer turned to Jose Mourinho, who was as cool as you like.

He laughed it, yet also full of compliments and understanding for Neville’s passion for his club.

Neville looked at the pair unable to hide his disgust at what he had just seen.

The Mancunian had not a care in the world for Mourinho or the interviewer.