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Top 10 highest wage bills in European football for 2020

highest wages in football
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Ever wondered who are the biggest payers in football? Find out here as we go through the Top 10 clubs with the highest wage bills in 2020.

Now that we’re in 2020, UEFA has released a new benchmarking report detailing the financial movements of clubs. It gives us a sign of what are the highest wages in football today.

The report assesses both the financial and off-pitch developments over Europe in 2018. It takes into account the decline of teams and the ever-changing finances of the biggest clubs around.

In 2017, for example, Real Madrid became the first team in history to spend €400m on wages in a single calendar year. Not a bad time to sign up for Los Blancos, right?

So now we give you the Top 10 list of the highest wage bills for 2020 along with the club’s highest earner.